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Detailed Surface Introduction of Laminate Flooring

With the innovation of manufacturing technique, more and more laminate flooring surfaces are produced by laminate flooring suppliers. But among so many choices, do you really know which surface type you are looking for? Today I will give a detailed introduction of laminate flooring surfaces.


Embossed in Register Surface

Embossed in register laminate flooring creates a dramatic level of realism because unlike other laminate flooring surfaces it matches the texture of the décor paper’s underlying pattern rather than just applying a generic wood grain texture. In some countries embossed in register is known as synchronized laminate flooring because of the way the indented texture is synchronized with the décor paper’s pattern.

Hand Scraped Surface

Hand scraped laminate flooring features a subtle undulating top surface that mimics traditionally crafted hand scraped flooring where texture is applied by hand using a scraper to create a ripple effect down the length of the board.

High Gloss Surface

High gloss laminate flooring is a classical product. It is shinier and more similar to piano surface. High gloss laminate flooring is quite popular among customers all over the world, especially Australian customers.

Matt Surface

Matt laminate flooring is also called silky floor, because it emulates silk. You will feel comfortable, simple and generous when you touch a matt floor. Matt floors are enjoyed because of the simple surface texture, which looks great with beech laminate flooring, which is likewise a very basic, uncluttered design.

Middle Embossed Surface

Middle embossed laminate flooring is one type of embossed laminate flooring and gets its name because of the density and distance of its concave and convex textures. Since middle embossed laminate flooring is hotly welcomed by consumers all over the world, it has become one of the essential goods on the product lists of laminate flooring suppliers.

Piano Surface

Piano finish laminate flooring is special because of it extremely high gloss finish giving it the majestic shine of a grand piano. Piano flooring achieves the gorgeous shine of polished hardwood better than other laminate flooring textures such as glossy floor or high gloss laminate floors for example.

Smooth Surface

Smooth laminate flooring is also called gloss laminate flooring in some countries. It’s featured by the smooth and bright surface which resembles a mirror. Many consumers choose this type as decor surface because of the soft feeling it brings.

Textured Surface

Textured laminate flooring is very popular among clients mainly because its special textures give the flooring an authentic look and feel just like real wood flooring. Besides, the laminate flooring texture can help you realize the dream to pay less and get something uncannily close to real wood flooring.

Wood Grain Surface

The surface of wood grain laminate flooring is hotly welcomed because its special grain vividly resembles real wood floors. And according to the report, wood grain laminate flooring is well accepted in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia countries.

Crystal Surface

Crystal Laminate Flooring is a common surface type chosen by consumers around the world for flooring supplies. In Australia, rain-dot surface is preferred which is almost the same as crystal surface laminate flooring except that it features longer indents.

Small Embossed Surface

Embossed laminate flooring is divided into four types – large embossed, regular embossed small embossed and embossed in register (EIR) laminate flooring. Regular embossed surface laminate flooring has become quite trendy and is loved by our customers in Southeast Asia.

Large Embossed Surface

Large Embossed laminate flooring features a greater depth of embossing than regular embossed surface type. Embossed surface laminate flooring takes advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques to create an almost real wood look and feel. As you can see from the image to the left, the large embossed effect runs smoothly with the pattern of the décor paper wood grain.

Sunspeed Flooring—Bring Nature Back Your Home

As one of the leading laminate flooring suppliers in China, Sunspeed Flooring is well known for offering laminate floorings with various wood colors. Among those wood species, oak has always been the main wood color keened by consumers and with the favors increase, market demands for American oak laminate flooring turn to grow gradually.

Maybe for the district reason, American oak laminate flooring is especially popular in Europe and North America market. Its noble and unsophisticated wood grains can always bring consumers delicate and comfortable feelings which can only get from the nature.

To meet demands from different countries, Sunspeed Flooring adopts technique innovations meanwhile enlarges materials sources, of which knotty pine color is a live example. As knotty pine laminate flooring supplier, Sunspeed also spires no efforts to bring in other pine series colors. All that he did is to enrich the types of products by which to bring more nature scents into consumers’ home.

Whether normal supplies of American oak laminate flooring or innovation of knotty pine laminate flooring, they all proved the ever striving principle of Sunspeed Flooring. And we clearly know that what consumer desires is what we really pursue.

Laminate Flooring Trend in China

Laminate flooring was brought into China as a new product in 1994, and at the beginning most of the products were imported from Europe mainly German enterprises. The situation didn’t change until 1997 when China possessed its own production lines of laminate flooring.

From 1997 till now, China laminate flooring industry grows mature gradually. So far, there are more than 600 laminate flooring factories in China, among which over 100 enterprises are equipped with advanced production lines and they can provide products in large amount. China laminate flooring manufacturers are scattered in many provinces like Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jilin and etc. Large-scale enterprises mainly adopt automatic equipment and techniques imported from Germany and Italy and the general cost is over 30,000,000 RMB. With about 17 years’ development, laminate flooring has been well melted into the modern life and due to its exclusive features like anti-scratch, water proof, wearing resistance, and beautiful colors, laminate flooring has become the leading flooring material for decoration.

China laminate flooring suppliers distribution

Although with many advantages, laminate flooring still needs improvement in many aspects. For instance, the foot feeling of laminate flooring is not as good as wood floor and there may be noises while walking on it. Manufacturers have tried many innovations on account of those problems.

Thicken floors to provide better foot feeling.

Normal laminate floorings are 8mm thick, now there launched 12mm and 16mm floors to improve the foot feeling. Of course, the floor is thickened in core board part, so other performances are kept unchanged. Besides the thickness, manufacturers also make adjustments on the sizes to meet consumers’ needs. Compared with the rectangle floors with 1000mm length as before, now you may see square floors and the length is extended into 2200mm.

Take matures to reduce noises.

Laminate flooring is famous for its wearing resistance while the noise made while walking on it makes laminate flooring not perfect. So many manufacturers rack their brains to solve the problem. Some suppliers use special soft materials to combine with floor, and some recommend pasting underlay. The most advanced method is to paste polymeric noise reduction composites to the back board. By this way the noise is reduced by decreasing the vibration while floor is pressed.

Apart from remedying defects, manufactures also strengthen the advantages of laminate flooring.At the launch beginning, laminate flooring is only presented with some wood colors like oak, cherry and maple. With the improvement of techniques more and more different colors are created, for example, marble colors, cloth colors and stone colors.

Unlike the update of electronic products, laminate flooring can only be improved in technique slightly. While no matter how the products change, the final principle is to satisfy consumers’ higher and higher demands.

How to Select the Right Colors for Your Laminate Flooring

As a kind of popular flooring materials, laminate flooring has been widely applied into our daily housing decoration. And to meet consumers’ ever changing tastes, laminate flooring suppliers strive to enhance products levels both on quality and diversity, especially the designs of flooring colors. That’s why we have so many attractive colors to choose when it comes to the procurement of floorings. But different colors make different effects, for instance, white maple brings peace and grace; wild cherry brings vitality and youth; Nantucket beech brings ease and romance. So which style is more suitable and how to make the right choice becomes a problem to most consumers. Today I will give some advices on this topic.

To make a right choice you need to take three factors into consideration.

No.1 The Area of Your House

Generally speaking, if your house is large enough and full of lightings, dark floors with rough textured surfaces will be proper because it enables your house compact. For example, you could choose dark cherry laminate flooring with small embossed surface in this case. On the contrary, small rooms need to choose light floors with smooth surfaces because it will enlarge your space visually. Here, you may choose light maple laminate flooring with glossy surface.

No.2 The Function of Each Room

According to the functions, different rooms should be designed with different colors. Living room is a public place where we meet guests and do the routine activities mostly, so it should be decorated with transparent and soft colors to create a clean, harmonious and elegant atmosphere. Bed room is for rest and relaxation, so we need to make it quiet and comfortable by some warm and neutral colors like white and grey. Study room is for work and study, so cultural atmosphere is very essential here, and in that case we could use dark color floors to make the room prudent, for example, brown and dark.

No.3 The Harmony of All colors in the House

Besides floors, you may have other colors like the ceiling colors, the wall colors and the colors of furniture. Basically, light colors like white, beige are used to decorate walls and ceilings, while the colors of furniture always depend on the favors of host. As to the floor colors, we just need to remember, going match with the furniture and making up walls and ceilings.

Finally, no matter what the rule is for color matching, the most important principle is your mood and happiness.

Laminate Flooring Maintenance and Cleaning

Flooring maintenance and cleaning has become an essential part of daily housework since more and more consumers choose laminate flooring as their decoration materials. But many people are not clear about how to make the right maintenance and how to clean laminate flooring correctly. Even worse, some improper methods have shortened the lifespan of laminate flooring largely. Today I will give some tips on how to maintain and clean laminate wood flooring.

Laminate Flooring Maintenance

  •  Keep the floors in dry status. Never use too much water to clean the floor or impregnate floors with water for long. Put a rug in front of the door to avoid more dust being taking in.
  • Keep indoor air circulation frequently if your floors are installed recently because it will help to lengthen the lifespan of laminate flooring.
  • In dry districts or seasons use humidifier to moisten the air, or you could use half wet rag to wipe the floor.
  • Laminate flooring doesn’t need any maintenance of painting or waxing. Polishing by abrasive paper is also forbidden. Furniture is supposed to be laid on floor steadily, and never drag furniture from one place to the other directly along the floor. Meanwhile, avoid using sharp tools or nail shoes to scratch floors.flooring cleaning tools
  • Keep the floor clean and beautiful. Avoid any burnings by cigarette because it’s quite difficult to repair the burned part. Besides, don’t throw gum onto floors casually for it’s also a big problem to solve.

Laminate Flooring Cleaning

  • Use vacuum cleaner or broom to clean the dust on floor firstly. Then use half wet mop or rag to wipe the floor. After wiping is finished, open the window to strengthen the air circulation so that the moisture left by wiping could be taken away by air.
  • After a period of usage, there may be stain left on the floor. If the stain is very dirty, you may try some water that has been used to wash rice. You could clean the floor with a rag that has been dipped with this type of water or just spray this water onto floor, then wait for 5 minutes. 5 minutes later, clean the floor with dry rag.
  • If there is gum sticking on the floor, you could put some ice on it for a moment, then scrape the gum away gently, after that, wipe the floor with wet rag. If there is paint stain or oil stain, you could use some detergent which is specially used for paint or oil stain. But never use strongly acidic or strongly alkali detergent to clean laminate flooring. 

Three Points Consumers Concern About Laminate Flooring

With the continuous improvement of laminate flooring technique, more and more consumers would like to select laminate flooring as their decoration material. According to flooring manufacturers in China, the top three points that customers concern most can be concluded as follows.

Firstly, the surface types of floors. Consumers usually have an initial plan about how they will design the room and with what decoration effect it will be. Following their actual needs, they will come to select surfaces. There are about 12 surface types existing in the market, either rough or smooth. Among them, embossed laminate flooring is quite popular because the concave and convex textures make it more similar to real wood floor. Embossed laminate flooring is divided into three types according to the texture density and distance; they are small embossed, middle embossed and large embossed laminate flooring. Consumers could make practical procurement as per their needs.

flooring surfaces

Secondly, the wearing resistance layer of laminate flooring. European standards divide the wearing resistance layer into 5 different levels according to the wear-resisting revolutions, which are AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4 and AC5. The higher the level is, the better the wear resistance performance acts. Normally speaking, AC4 laminate flooring is proper for commercial use and it is hotly welcomed by shopping mall, office and other public places where there will be more traffic. While for residential use like living room, bed room, AC3 will be good enough.

Laminate Flooring AC Levels

Thirdly, the colors that laminate floorings appear. With advanced design and printing techniques, more and more imitating wood colors are created. You may find wood colors like pine, cherry, maple and walnut; you also could get cloth or stone colors. While generally speaking, wood colors are more popular, especially pine wood colors. Recently, more than 5 customers have enquired our knotty pine laminate flooring because they think the knotty design and color tone are quite similar to real pine wood.

Pine Laminate Flooring

Above are three aspects that consumers concern. Of course, they may have other considerations such as the waterproof performance, the size and thickness. No matter what they care about, manufacturers are pleased to meet their needs because the customer is god.

6 Ways to Help You Select Right Laminate Flooring

Are you still puzzled by selecting right laminate floorings? Here under are six methods for your reference to make the right choice.

No. 1 Select Famous Laminate Flooring Manufacturers and Distributors

 Laminate flooring is a product with high technique and it’s quite difficult to know its quality only judging from appearance without professional quality tests. So we suggest consumers to buy from famous suppliers because they are experienced with offering both high quality products and good service. You may get durable products with 20 to even more guarantee which lower your interior decoration cost relatively. And the professional workers will recommend you which are commercial laminate floorings and which are for residential use. If you are now sure whether the supplier you’re contacting is good, you may also check some laminate flooring reviews from the related forums. What’s more, large suppliers can offer laminate flooring accessories as well. In that case, you could get all the products you need only from one “shop”.

No. 2 Judge from Wear-resisting Revolutions

The wear resistance of laminate flooring mainly depends on the dosage of aluminum trioxide on the surface. And certain dosage of aluminum trioxide decides the wear-resisting revolutions of laminate flooring. For residential use, the wear-resisting revolutions should be more than 6000, for commercial use in public places, more than 9000. You may make your personal choice per the practical needs.

laminate flooring structure

No. 3 Check Release Amount of aluminum trioxide

Aluminum trioxide definitely exists in laminate flooring, but if the value is more than 1.5mg/L, the flooring products will do harm to human body. So during purchasing you need to select products with national green certificate.

No. 4 Check Density of Core Board

The density of laminate flooring core board (HDF) should be 0.82-0.96 g/cm3, either lower or higher will be improper.

No. 5 Check Water-proof Performance

The thickness swelling rate indicates the water-proof performance of laminate flooring. The higher the rate is, the better the performance appears. And low water-proof laminate floorings will distort or change at size in humid environment.

waterproof laminate flooring

No. 6 Check the Installation Effect

Put 6 to 12 pieces of planks into installation, and observe whether the joining point is smooth, if the tongues and grooves are matched properly, neither too loose or too tight. Besides, you need to check the height difference and opening distance of joined planks.

laminate flooring

After those 6 methods above, are you clear about how to select right laminate floorings now? For more professional knowledge, please contact Sunspeed sales team.