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Can You Really Get Cheap Laminate Flooring?

While purchasing laminate flooring, many consumers are confident that they could get relatively cheap price from flooring suppliers after round and round bargains and they may chuckle for the final victory. But are they the final winner?

Just as I mentioned in one of my articles named What Does Laminate Flooring Price Depend On, laminate flooring prices depend on many factors like the size, thickness, wearing resistance… Some of which can be judged visually, but some can not. For example, two vital elements of wearing resistance and core board are hardly to be checked unless by some professional tests.

broken laminate flooring

We all know laminate flooring wearing resistance is divided into 5 levels according to European Standard; they are AC1 to AC5 with the quality changed from low to high. Maybe you need commercial use of AC4 level, and the contract is signed on condition of AC4, but the final product which is delivered to you may be AC3 for residential use just because your supplier wants to cut their cost. As to the core board, though every laminate flooring manufacturer claims their materials as HDF which is required by European Standard, while during the actual production, some manufacturers may use MHDF board instead to save cost. So if your supplier provides you lower wearing resistance products with MHDF core board at relatively cheaper price than the right product you need, do you still think you have got the cheap laminate flooring?

Now you may realize the importance of finding a reliable supplier. Price is crucial, but it’s not the only criteria. Consider more factors while choosing laminate flooring manufacturer, for example the credit and service.

Hard floor or soft floor: which is easier to clean?

For those who enjoy keeping their homes as clean as possible, the use of materials in the home can have a big effect on how easy everything is to keep cleaning. Hard floor cleaning is a great example of this. While the desire for tiles and wooden floor boards can be quite high, does that make them easier to clean or less so? When it comes to choosing between the potential types of flooring in your house, reaching a decision on whether you should have a hard or soft floor is primarily an aesthetic concern, but an increasingly number of people are starting to think about the practicalities in their choice of flooring. When it comes to your home, is hard or soft flooring easier to keep clean?


The use of hard floors can bring a number of fantastic qualities to your home. Available in the form of all manner of stone-based tiling and wooden floor boards, the options for keeping your flooring hard are numerous. Many people prefer the way hard floors look and the way they feel beneath the feet. But are they easier to clean? Quite often, the surfaces will be flat and wipe clean, meaning that any spills which happen are unlikely to leave a lasting mark. When it comes to tiling, the tiles typically do not soak up water so the cleaning is similar to the cleaning of glass. However, when it comes to wooden floor boards, there can be unforeseen issues. While modern wooden flooring is capable of leaving no spaces between boards, traditional floor boards can leave gaps. This is a place into which dust and spillages can drop and it can make everything difficult to clean. When it comes to cleaning wooden floors, professional options are sometimes the best in order to ensure that you get into all the nooks and crannies.

Soft floors, however, are not without their charm. Many people prefer the warmth and the texture of a carpeted floor and it is one of the most commons traits in any home. The cleaning process is different in that the fibres and fabrics will quite often hold onto the dirt and the dust and it will take a bit of extra effort in order to remove it. Most modern hoovers are designed with this in mind, however, so it is not too much of an issue. What is a concern, however, is the propensity for soft carpeting to stain. The fabric can become easily affected by the spillages and it can take expert help to get rid of them. As well as spills, the softer approach means that any dropped items do not cause lasting damage. Carpets and other soft floorings are able to absorb the impact of any items which might be dropped whilst harder floors quite often chip or scratch. While not necessarily a cleaning issue, it can lead to larger aesthetic concerns.

As a middle ground, many people choose to opt for a bit of both. An array of carpet laid across hard floors means that you get the benefits of both worlds. The use of movable carpets means that you can move them around and clean them in an easy manner, including picking them up when it comes time to wash the whole of the hard floor. Hard floor cleaning can be handled in a professional manner for the best possible results, but the use of a soft carpet laid on top of the floor can keep everything to the highest possible standards while you are waiting.

Natural Filter Helps You Eliminate Laminate Flooring Formaldehyde

With many incomparable advantages for interior decoration, laminate flooring has become the beloved of many consumers. Though many laminate flooring manufacturers assure E0 level of their products. Slight Formaldehyde still exists after installation. So is there any way to solve the problem economically and safely?

The answer is YES. Today I’ll introduce some plants which can be grown in room to absorb formaldehyde.

  • Epipremnum aurumepipremnum-aurum

Function: This plant has strong absorption of formaldehyde. Besides, the long vines fall down naturally and straightly which add many dynamic lines and colors to the stiff room.



  • Chlorophytum comosum chlorophytum-comosum

Function: Chlorophytum comosum is regarded as the “king” of formaldehyde absorbing plants. It can eliminate over 80% of interior toxic air. Generally speaking, 1 to 2 chlorophytum comosums can absorb all the toxic air in one room. Therefore, it has another reputation-“Green Filter”.


  • Ivyivy

Function: Ivy has strong absorption capacity of formaldehyde. Besides, it also can eliminate xylene which exists in insulation materials, wall papers and laminated floors.


  • Chrysanthemumchrysanthemum

Function: Chrysanthemum can decompose two types of toxic materials, they formaldehyde existing in insulation materials and laminate floorings, xylene existing in wall paper. Besides, chrysanthemum has high visual value and its petals and stem can be used as medical.


  • Magueymaguey

Function: Maguey is an expert to absorb formaldehyde, besides, it also can be used to produce wine. Use maguey to make pulque is quite famous.

How to clean stone flooring

Stone flooring is a beautiful addition to any home, and the range of different stone materials and finishes that you can get will make for an incredible array of different looks that you can choose for the house. However, you will want to keep your stone floor looking incredible if you are going to bother getting it in the first place, and that starts with the way in which you care for it. Whilst cleaning is indeed a positive process that will contribute to the great look of the stone flooring in your home, you will need to be sure of how you go about it, as otherwise you can end up damaging the stone over time, leaving it looking a bit dreary, which is not what you want! Scratching, water damage and using the wrong cleaning product can leave stains, marks and discoloration that will leave the floor looking a lot sorrier than you likely intended it to when you paid so much for it! Have a look over the following points to ensure that your cleaning techniques are not contributing to the deterioration of your stone flooring.


For a start you will need to be thinking about the wear and tear that your floor goes through. You will find that the small bits of dirt and debris that get brought in to the house will scratch and mark the softer stone floors that may be in your home. Slate and other lighter stone will be particularly susceptible to this, and whilst granite and marble may be strong enough to withstand such small material scratching it, the wearing down of the surface in this way can open it up to more troubling staining and the like. For the same reason it is essential that you vacuum your floors before you mop them. This will mean that there is no chance of any smaller bits and pieces scratching the floor as you move the mop around across it. The scratches that you get form not vacuuming before mopping are called ‘spider scratches’ as they are small and circular, and can change the look of the whole floor, as the surface will not be as shiny. Use a non-scratching mop head and microfiber cloth when cleaning, if you are particularly worried about this issue.

You will hear horror stories about people who have used the wrong cleaning product on their nice flooring, but the fact is that you will rarely be in any trouble if you avoid strong acids or alkali in your mop bucket. Going to far either way on the PH scale will mean that you risk stripping the stone of its protective layer of polish, and this can mean serious damage later on as it is exposed. If you want a cheap PH neutral soap then look no further than washing up detergent, as this will be neutral enough to clean the stone safely. Do not leave the soap to sit on the surface after however, as it can leave white marks. When you are mopping, be sure to avoid using too much water as well, as that can be a cause for some serious staining, especially on softer slate type stone floors. Stains occurring from water can be quite serious, and will sometimes have wide spreading rings, that will be very unsightly, and can ruin the whole look of your room, given that the flooring will take up a large portion of the surface of the room!

Flooring-Choosing Flooring Colors Smartly

Flooring is a large part of home decoration and the color of floors will affect the whole decoration style to a large degree. Therefore, finding out what style of interior decoration you are looking for before selecting floor colors is extremely important.

Today I will take laminate flooring as an example to provide some suggestions on matching floor colors with your whole decoration style. Even professional laminate flooring manufacturers may not know these skills.

Basically, decoration styles depend on flooring colors. For example, European style and Chinese style decoration are featured by installing dark color floors because these floors have strong influence and distinct features which always bring people noble and gorgeous feelings. On the contrary, modern and simple style decoration always use light color floors which emit fresh and elegant flavor.

Of course, this is just a principle. We don’t have to comply with it stiffly. Some unusual matching may bring brand new feeling. Besides, pay attention to the color matching of floors and furniture. Flooring color should foil furniture color and present steady and soft tone. Light color furniture can go match with any dark color floors, however, dark color furniture is not supposed to match dark color floors because this matching always brings people depressing emotion. Flooring with neutral color is better to match neutral color furniture. But there should be a transferring color between floor and furniture. Floor and furniture with the same colors won’t bring expecting effect.

laminate flooring and furniture

Finally, color matching of flooring accessories is also crucial:

  • Skirting color should go match with door frame, but not floors.
  • T-molding color should be the same to floor color, or at least belongs to the same color system with floor. 


Flooring – Choosing a lasting floor

When you start thinking about the interior of a new house, or if you need a new floor, and feel like you want to make a change from the old one, then it is a good idea to be thinking carefully as to what you will be basing your decisions on. In many ways, there is a lot to be said for choosing something that you love the look of, but at the same time, you do need to be aware of the implications that wear will have on the choice. If you think about it, the floor is the only part of the house that you are in contact with almost all of the time that you are in there, and this means that it needs to be pretty hard wearing! Of course, all floors are designed to be trodden on, but some finishes and materials will wear out a lot quicker than others, so it is certainly wise to be thing as to how you can ensure that you are getting both a finish that you love, as well as one that will last you a lifetime! You will have your own ideas as to these matters, but having a fresh think and a new perspective on such matters is always a good idea, so have a look at a few pointers below.

For a start, you need to work out what is going to look good in the rooms that you are considering. If you have a certain style in there that you don’t want to change, then you are limited to things that fit that palette, but if you are working from scratch then you have free reign, which is potentially a harder thing to sort out! For many, the choice will be based upon two things, color and surface texture, or material. You may like the look of wood, and you need a dark color, so you go for a dark stained wood. You may like a hard, modern look, but want it to be light, so you go for a pale poured concrete floor. These choices are up to you, and only you will be able to decide if these things look good. However, you must make sure to be looking into how hard wearing these materials are, and what sort of upkeep they need. There is little use in having a wonderful oak floor laid if you then have to tiptoe around on it because it is so expensive to maintain, and after all, houses are for living in, not just looking at!

clean floor

When thinking about this practical matter, you should be aware that liquids and scratching are going to damage certain materials, not just wear through footfall. If you have young children and spillages are a regular occurrence, then you may want to go for a linoleum floor, which is cheap to install, easy to clean, and can be easily replaced later on down the line. If you want to be a little classier, then engineered wooden floors are not too expensive, and come in different thicknesses, so that you can either go cheap as a temporary thing, or go thick and slightly more expensive and enjoy it for a fair while longer! Concrete and stone flooring like marble and slate are hard wearing, but require polishing and upkeep, which might be a little high maintenance. Carpets are a popular and easy choice, but again, will require shampooing as well as vacuum cleaning, in order to keep the colors intact for longer.

Cleaning Services Chelsea

What Does Laminate Flooring Price Depend On?

Laminate flooring as one of the cheap decoration materials is well accepted by working class and young generation. Besides price, diverse colors, easy installation and maintenance are also advantages that attract consumers. But do you know what factors affect laminate flooring prices?

No. 1 Core Board

Just as the name saying, core board is the core part of laminate flooring. It’s a crucial factor that affects floor prices. Basically, floors produced with HDF core board are more expensive than those with particle board, and the price distance may be up to 1 USD.

core board

NO. 2 Revolutions of Abrasive Layer

As we all know, laminate flooring is featured by wearing resistance, and its abrasion levels is classified into 5 grades (AC1 to AC5)by European Standard according to the revolutions of abrasive layer. High grade is corresponding to more revolutions. The more the revolution is, the higher the price will be.

abrasive layer

NO. 3 Quality of Decor Color

The second layer of laminate flooring is what we called decor color which is mainly used to simulate real wood grains thus bring users feelings of hard wood floor. However, the color paper is sourced from both domestic and overseas. Laminate flooring with imported decor colors will be higher than that with domestic papers at price.

decor color

No. 4 Surface Craft

As an artificial product, laminate floor’s surface is produced with different designs according to consumers’ aesthetic needs. Presently, the most popular surface designs are embossed, parquet and antiquing. Those surfaces are beautiful with good looking and their prices are higher relatively because of more technical crafts they need.


No. 5 Floor Specification

Many consumers may be puzzled, since core board, abrasive layer and decor color are all the same, why there is still price distance? In that case, you may have ignored another factor, which is the board specification. Too long or too wide sizes of boards are difficult to manufacture thus the prices will be higher. What’s more, the thickness of boards can also affect flooring prices. Generally, thick board is more expensive than thin board.


NO. 6 Floor Brand

Now more and more flooring industries transfer their core point into brand culture. That’s because consumers are paying more attention to brands besides quality and price. To establish a well known brand, enterprises may sacrifice more. Famous brands will pay more cost for product quality, technique investigation and premium raw materials. That’s why brand products need more money than common ones.

Sunspeed Floors

No. 7 After-Sale Service

Presently, many consumers only focus on purchasing while ignore after sale service. Once there is product problem, they will have to pay extra fees to solve it. Good suppliers are always providing a chain of services from sales to maintenance and this will save much time and energy for consumers. However, this thoughtful service is usually made up by improving floor prices.


After so many introductions, do you have any ideas about price factors of laminate flooring? While buying products we’d better take all the factors into consideration and choose the best one that is suitable for us. If you have any further questions, please don’t forget to contact Sunspeed Flooring.

Which Laminate Flooring Is Better, Thick or Thin?

Laminate flooring is only 6mm thick at the beginning of launch. While in the following years 8mm products became the leading. But in recent years, laminate flooring becomes thicker and thicker which pushed 12mm board onto the top position. Meanwhile, a few 13mm and 15mm flooring products have emerged therefore enriched the diversity of laminate flooring at the thickness. But this trend also makes many consumers puzzled: Thickness is a very important factor which should be considered seriously while purchasing laminate flooring, the question is what kind of laminate flooring is better, thick or thin?

laminate flooring thickness

To this question, laminate flooring suppliers have their own answers:

Answer 1 Thick laminate flooring is more comfortable.

8mm laminate flooring is only 4mm thinner than 12mm product. While the slight difference brings large distance at price. According to flooring sales, neither 8mm nor 12mm products have heat dissipation or bending problems as long as their quality is assured. The main point is foot feeling and thick floors may offer better foot feeling.

Answer 2 Thin laminate flooring is better at density.

Unlike the above answer, some laminate flooring manufacturers may recommend thin boards for the density of thin board is higher than the thick ones. Suppliers provide explanations why thick floors are thicker. That’s because flooring machine can not press large amount of crushed wood materials into boards as strong and steady as thin boards. Thus makes the density of thick board lower than that of thin boards. And the thick board is easy to bend while impregnated with water.

Professional Answers from Experts

The thickness of laminate flooring has less affection on product performance. Consumers could do the procurement by their favors. Thick floors do offer better foot feeling and it’s true that the density of thick floor is not higher than thin floors. But that doesn’t mean the saying that some thin floor manufacturers boaster that Europe countries prefer thin floors because of its better quality is true. It’s actually a misleading because European countries have low requirement to floorings, they pay more attention to the practical application of flooring products. So Europeans’ favor can not be regarded as an advantage of thin laminate flooring. Of course, thick floor lovers should care more about quality but not only foot feelings because it do occur bending problem if the quality is not assured.

For more professional purchasing suggestions about laminate flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact Sunspeed sales team. They will leave no efforts to solve problems for you.