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Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Don’t overlook laminate floor when considering what type of flooring to install in your home. Laminate flooring has substantial selling points that include performance, installation, durability, and waterproof.

Laminate flooring has many diverse colored papers or under coats and varying surface structures. Wood, stone, and carpet can be imitated in laminate flooring. There is very little “look” difference between laminate flooring and real wood when quality materials and high photo “wood” is used. Many customers are choosing walnut laminate flooring to mimic the look of wood but keeping the cost low. Laminate “wood” is almost 1/4 the cost of real wood.

Waterproof laminate flooring is more wear resistant than normal solid timber flooring. If you purchase a laminate that has a waxing treatment, you will be able to pour a cup of water on your laminate, wipe it up, and experience no damage. You can also find laminating flooring planks that can be moved to waxing equipment to get waterproofing on all four sides. This process will help improve the water resistant performance on your laminate flooring. Laminate flooring manufacturers who work in humid countries like Thailand and South Vietnam are required to laminate their products to adapt to the climate.

The high quality of laminate flooring is contained in the abrasion resistance layer. This layer contains aluminum dioxide that makes the floor very resistant to scratching, impacts and other damages. Quality laminate flooring with high AC levels will give you almost 25 years of wearability.

Water Testing a Laminate Floor

High water resistance requires water to “bead” on the surface of the floor. Place a drop of water on the floor, wait 20 minutes and measure where the water is. You will find that waterproof laminate flooring still has the water on the surface of the plank. It has not leached into the lower materials.

waterproof laminate flooring

You can also prepare a basin of water, place a small laminated board in it. Slowly lower the board until it is completed submerged. Leave the board in the water for one hour and then return to check the board. You will find that the board underneath the laminate is complete wet, but there are no colored fragments in the water bowl, nor is the laminate pulling away from the under board.

Laminates are waterproof, easy to install and come in flexible sizes. You will find that laminates can be embossed, crystal, wood grain, textured, mat, feathered, hand scraped or glossy. Install your laminate indoors or in a commercial establishment. This flooring is soundproof and can be designed to be very elegant.