Can You Really Get Cheap Laminate Flooring?

While purchasing laminate flooring, many consumers are confident that they could get relatively cheap price from flooring suppliers after round and round bargains and they may chuckle for the final victory. But are they the final winner?

Just as I mentioned in one of my articles named What Does Laminate Flooring Price Depend On, laminate flooring prices depend on many factors like the size, thickness, wearing resistance… Some of which can be judged visually, but some can not. For example, two vital elements of wearing resistance and core board are hardly to be checked unless by some professional tests.

broken laminate flooring

We all know laminate flooring wearing resistance is divided into 5 levels according to European Standard; they are AC1 to AC5 with the quality changed from low to high. Maybe you need commercial use of AC4 level, and the contract is signed on condition of AC4, but the final product which is delivered to you may be AC3 for residential use just because your supplier wants to cut their cost. As to the core board, though every laminate flooring manufacturer claims their materials as HDF which is required by European Standard, while during the actual production, some manufacturers may use MHDF board instead to save cost. So if your supplier provides you lower wearing resistance products with MHDF core board at relatively cheaper price than the right product you need, do you still think you have got the cheap laminate flooring?

Now you may realize the importance of finding a reliable supplier. Price is crucial, but it’s not the only criteria. Consider more factors while choosing laminate flooring manufacturer, for example the credit and service.

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