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Guides to Choose Laminate Flooring Color for Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where the cooking takes place, the family gathers and where the love for food and company is shared. The floors in this busy spot must withstand heavy foot traffic, dropped dishes, and spills galore therefore, it should be a room that is warm, inviting and stylish. This includes having respectable kitchen floors

laminate flooring for kitchen

What you should consider before choosing Laminate color for kitchen

What type of colour for the floor: Mostly, people choose a particular floor not only for any practical reasons but because they like a specific colour. When you are about choosing the colour of the floor, you should always have it in mind the desired end result and influence of the other existing or planned colour elements on the interior of your kitchen. The result of this combination is more than the sum of the individual elements. The whole space is given a new identity, as it were. Every room is different and requires a specific approach, depending on the desired end result. So you must choose the best colour.

a) Which colour for the floor: pale versus dark

As we all have known, Light colours enlarge the room and dark colours make a room look smaller; however, what is the effect of the floor?

Pale floors:

On the off chance that you have a dark space that you need to light up a bit, you ought to pick a pale floor. Pale floors reflect light. This will make the room lighter and it amplify it optically. Pale colours reflect virtue and serenity, and make the room ageless. Combined with the cool colours of the walls, you can create a sober effect. But don’t overdo it: in the north and the west, the following applies: the whiter the floor, the cooler the atmosphere

Dark furniture and light wood floors consolidate exceptionally well and make amazing impacts. What’s more, pale floors can be joined exceptionally well with a mixed bag of colours.

Dark floors:

Dark laminate floors are the perfect beginning stage to make contrasts. They can be joined splendidly with dividers in light colours or with other dark colours which are utilized for highlights and embellishments. Stay away from unforgiving white and pick a shade of white, for example, grayish or white with a dash of an alternate color. You can liven things up by adding colorful accessories in the interior. Too many dark colours will in fact result in a gloomy effect with less light and a lack of atmosphere


B) How to make an extensive impact

You can make an extensive impact by joining a calm and pale floor with light dividers. Lighter and cooler color will make the room appear to be bigger. Dark and warm color make the room littler and cozier.

The Elegance range of floors is ideal if you want to enlarge the room optically. The Elegance reach floors have restricted boards in three distinct lengths. This will permit you to make a greater number of roomy feelings than when you pick more extensive boards with just a solitary length.

C) Combining the shades of the furniture and the floor

Make sure the colour of your floor is either two shades lighter or a lot darker than the colour of the furniture. A floor and furniture in the same colour and wood is only possible if you have a carpet in a different contrasting colour between them.
On a floor in a neutral colour, e.g.; natural varnished oak, you should not be afraid to combine furniture made of very dark wood such as wenge or walnut. Light furniture varnished in white will also look very attractive.

D) Which mood does a particular floor colour create

Brown floors
Brown color, especially for floors, refers to our alliance with the earth. In comparison with the walls it must always remain in the background. Brown consists of several other colours and this means it can be combined with many other colours. Brown is not a dull colour; it’s versatile and suitable for many different interiors, on the condition that sufficient light penetrates the room in.

Influence of light on the floors

The light source is an important factor in the room; colours in dim lighting create a different feeling than the same colours in bright sunlight or artificial lighting. Light colours reflect light and dark colours absorb light.

Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Laminate Flooring

cleaning tips for kitchen laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is enjoying huge popularity among many households. Unlike its wooden counterpart, this material offers easy maintenance and affordability, while providing a stylish appearance. Laminate flooring comes in different colors and designs that will fit any interior. It can recreate the look of lumber, hardwood or parquet.

The kitchen is particularly appropriate for installing laminate, as this type of flooring is highly resistant to scratches and dirt. Although the material is fairly easy to maintain, it requires a specific care to preserve its gorgeous look.

General Cleaning
Usually, laminate is not prone to scratches. However, you should avoid sweeping your laminate floor with broom. For everyday cleaning, you can either use a dry dust mop or a vacuum cleaner. If you decide to vacuum the laminate, use an attachment with soft bristles that will not damage the surface. It’s important to sweep in the same direction that the tiles were installed. Try to collect as much debris and particles you can to avoid the mess later when you wipe with the wet mop.

Urgent Actions
Spills are not unusual for the cooking area. Don’t let standing water or any kind of liquid to sit on the floor for a long time. It can leave a nasty stain or harm the laminate’s protective layer. Soak up any excess of liquid with a clean sponge or cloth. You can also use the mop, but it might not be as effective as absorbing it directly. Furthermore, if it’s not well dried up, it can leave streaks.

Deep Cleaning
As mentioned earlier, too much water can have negative effect on your laminate flooring. When you deep clean the floor, you need to use as less liquid as possible. You can do just as good even without a specific laminate cleaner. Pick a product that will meet your budget and floor type requirements. Using too much soap might leave a residue and will dull the finish of the material. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on expensive cleaning solution, you can try vinegar.

Make It Shine!
If you use minimal amount of liquid, you can let the floor air dry. If this is not the case, you should buff it with a clean microfibre cloth or a dry mop. Don’t consider it as an extra work. It will actually add a shiny finish.

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Get Ready for Thanksgiving with Laminate Flooring For Your Kitchen Room

When considering re-flooring home in time for holidays, most people tend to focus on choosing floors that are beautiful for bedrooms or durable for high traffic areas. Seldom anyone thinks about choosing special flooring for the kitchen room where everyone will get together to celebrate holidays. We need to make a serious decision on choosing flooring for kitchen because this might be the messiest place ever during holidays when people make spills of drink, crumbs and other stains easily. For this Thanksgiving, we recommend laminate flooring to make your kitchen room guarded from dirt and more. And on the special day, you may get discount laminate flooring for surprise as well.

kitchen on thanksgiving day

Three Reasons Why We Choose Laminate As Kitchen Floor

Stain Resistant
A high-quality laminate flooring is usually made with a coating on the top layer that protects the materials from moisture and staining-perfect for spills, oil stains from Thanksgiving meals. And if you want your floor not to appear so dirty in front of those inevitable stains, you’d better make dark laminate flooring as the first choice.

Water Resistant
Kitchen room might be the second place where we touch water most in our home. If you don’t want to be troubled by wet floor everyday in the future, just choose water resistant laminate flooring. The special treatment of waxing will make laminate’s water resistant performance even better.

Floors are quite easy to get scratches when there are many people especially naughty kids. You don’t want your floors to get irrecognizable after a happy dinner right? Laminate flooring’s high durability will meet your needs. The impregnated aluminum dioxide in the top layer makes its top layer anti-scratch.

When you are ready to choose the flooring for your kitchen room, keep laminate’s advantages in mind. Remember, your dining room is a high traffic area and the choice of flooring is important. If you are ready to update your floors, Sunspeed today can provide laminate flooring at special price by Thanksgiving! Just write an email to and let us know what type you need.