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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laminate Flooring

Have you ever thought about installing laminate flooring in your home? Hardwood and carpet may be the first flooring types that come to mind when shopping, but laminate flooring should not be overlooked.

Whether it’s for appearance, performance, installation, or durability, laminate flooring provides convincing selling points. Actually, after viewing these 4 qualities below, it might be an attractive offer you can’t refuse! maple laminate flooring

1 Beautiful Appearance You Can Afford 
The beauty of laminate flooring is presented by its diverse color papers and varying surface structures. All natural colors of wood, stone and carpet could be absorbed by laminate flooring perfectly. And thanks to the improved surface structures, laminate flooring is becoming increasingly similar to the natural model flooring especially solid wood flooring. To layman, the difference between laminate flooring and real wood floor is no longer noticeable. But the price distance still exists between them two. One actual example is that more and more consumers are choosing walnut laminate flooring instead of walnut flooring to cut the cost of decoration. They are happy with this because they get what they need but pay less than they should.

2 Waterproof Laminate Flooring You Ever Expect
Laminate flooring is more water resistant than normal wood flooring especially when it’s produced with waxing treatment. After grooving, all small laminate flooring planks will be transferred to the waxing equipment to get waterproof treatment on four sides. This special process will help to improve the water resistant performance of laminate flooring largely. Many humid countries like Thailand, Vietnam are tend to buy those products with waterproof treatment to adapt the local climate.

3 Click System Makes Your Installation Easy
Another selling point of laminate flooring is it’s easy installation. Produced with click systems, laminate flooring could be installed easily by joining click tongue and groove together. That means, even if you are not a professional handyman, you can still finish your flooring quickly. And if you want a new renovation, removing the old laminates is also not a big deal.

4 Tremendous Durability Promises You Long Warranty
The top layer of laminate flooring is the abrasion resistance layer which contains aluminum dioxide and that makes laminate flooring highly resistant to scratching, impact and other possible damage. The percentage composition of aluminum dioxide per sqm laminate affects the abrasion quality and the AC levels. Floors with high AC levels will promise you long warranty up to 25 years.

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Will Laminate Flooring Installed at Home Be More Beneficial?

laminate flooring

The most refreshing feeling in just starting to build your home up is the shopping part. You get to choose different materials to make your home more beautiful and inspiring to live in. But despite the options you have in your hands, the wisest thing to do is to choose not only the ones that look best, but to consider other important aspects as well. Even the simple decision of what type of flooring to use, is something that you have to do in one stride. One of the best choices you can make regarding your floor is the laminate flooring. This is the process which involves installing a wood-looking material for your floor. Though it may not be made of real wood, this type of flooring is very stylish that it will help your home exude elegance and flair. Why You Should Say Yes to Laminate Flooring Going for laminate flooring can be very beneficial for your house not only to add an elegant ambiance, but also because of the different aspects of the material, like it’s advantages over the other kinds of flooring such as tiles and natural wood.

  • Great Performance Surface Material

One of the best things about laminate flooring is that it is made of excellent materials that are convenient to use in different aspects. This flooring is a scratch proof type that it could not be stained or dented. And the best thing is that it doesn’t fade if you will compare it to wood flooring. Laminate flooring also promotes a more soundproof floor. This will be beneficial to have a more peaceful home. And with a rate of 40 percent sound reflection, this flooring will be very effective to keep out sounds compared to the other types. Besides the common kind, there is also a waterproof laminate flooring that you could make use of. Like what its name suggests, this type resolves the issue of humidity and moisture that the common type of this flooring usually experiences. Laminated flooring can be made waterproof by applying water-resistant materials like vinyl resins.

  • Posh Style and Designs

Despite not being made of real wood, the laminate flooring is as elegant-looking as the flooring made of authentic wood. The great thing about this is that there are different types of wood-looking flooring you can choose from. Even the rarest type of wood could be copied by using this specific flooring type.

  • Easy and Stress-free Maintenance

Another great advantage in using this kind of flooring is that its maintenance is stress-free. First, it can easily be transported from where you bought them. After that, you can do the installing yourself since it is easy and simple. And finally, the laminate flooring can be easily cleaned. You only have to use a damp cloth and water to clean the entire floor. This is what makes it perfect for bathroom and kitchen floors, even in attics and cellars.

The only disadvantage of this type of flooring, especially in waterproof laminate flooring, is that it costs a lot. The basic flooring itself will cost a lot, but more importantly, having them waterproofed will increase the price especially, if you will have the experts do the task for you.

Slipping Into Satisfaction

Maintaining floors has never been an easy job, especially if you own a business or have a lot of messy kids running around your home. That is why more and more people are choosing to laminate their floors every year. Sure it makes things a bit more slippery, leading to plenty of hilarious article titles, but it is also much easier to clean and maintain. You’ll be able to mop and scrub much easier and it won’t retain a lot of the gunk that your previous floor might have had you on your hands and knees trying to get out. But as with all cosmetic decisions about a home or business, you need to find the right organization to help you with this project. That often scares people away instantly, the idea that you might need to go out searching for someone to redo your floors is a nightmare for people with busy lives and jobs and families, plenty of other things on their mind. But fret not, for with the advent of the digital age it has never been easier to find the service you need in the area you need it. A few Google searches and you are on your way to finding a professional to laminate your floors and ensure that your home is in better shape than ever before. There are still a great many businesses to sort through, but when you take a look at their sites, it is fairly easy to gage their expertise and professionalism based on the content of the site. If you see a website that was clearly cobbled together cira 1995 and has maybe one link and a phone number, perhaps that isn’t the kind of professionalism you deserve.


However, if you look at the content of a website like Sunspeed flooring, it immediately becomes apparent the type of service that you are looking for. Sunspeed Flooring specializes in laminating floors and their website is chock full of information on all the various techniques. Do you want your kitchen redone with wood laminate flooring? No problem, Sunspeed Flooring has got you covered with the newest technology and a crew of experts, this is an organization that knows what its talking about and can help you find what it is that you are looking for with the best laminate flooring available.

Sunspeed Flooring is on the up and up when it comes not only to technology but also to communication. As stated before their website is extremely high quality and provides all the necessary resources in finding out how and why to laminate your floors. They are easy to contact and ready to answer any questions, they even run a blog on their website that discuses just this kind of thing. On the blog you can find articles about the latest news in floor care, color guides, cleaning tips and much more, it is a great way for you to truly feel as though you understand what you are signing up for.

Pretty soon this kind of online presentation will be the norm, so it is important to highlight those who are doing it first because they are often going to be the ones who are the most qualified and the most prepared to work on your home. These businesses are ahead of the curve in modern innovation and with their library of resources and professional care they can get you set up with exactly what you need at an affordable rate, so that you don’t have to fret about your floors anymore. You can move on to worrying about your kitchen cabinets! In all seriousness though, these kinds of businesses are just the type you want help you design the feel of your home because you know they are going to follow your vision to a tee.

Oak and Black laminate flooring for a floor that’s everyone’s envy

When you decide to build your dream home, you want each and every part of it to be perfectly crafted. It also holds true for the flooring you choose for your home. Tiles and marble flooring are no more in fashion these days, rather laminate flooring has emerged as the latest trend. Laminate flooring has various specialties and is also easy to install and maintain. It is an affordable luxury which all the house owner can use in their homes. These floorings are a result of advancement in flooring technology. Laminate floors not only give value for money but also lets you choose between numerous colors and design. These floors are customizable and you can get the look of any material you wish, such as wood, carpet, stone and cloth. However, the comfort and elegance of wood are kept intact. Despite a plethora of color options, the wooden color rules the heart. The rustic look it gives the entire setting of the house is appreciated by one and all. The essential part of these floors are heavy graining, streaks of minerals and natural looking knots. The natural rough look of the wooden laminate floor can be polished to have a high subtle gloss according to the preference.

  • The rustic and tampered look of these wooden laminate floors are preferred by people of various countries.
  • You can choose between the black laminate flooring and Oak laminate flooring to decorate your house.
  • Both the types of laminate flooring look gorgeous and largely depends on personal preferences.

Unparalleled beauty of Oak laminate flooring

oak laminate flooring

Oak laminate flooring is a classic floor design produced by Oak. Oak is a widely material for making laminate floor and is being used for a long time. It comes in scores of types depending on the hue and the wood grain. Harvest Oak is one of such types used widely as a flooring material. It has high durability and can stand heavy footfall for years without being damaged. The wood grains found in these flooring are very clear and intense and looks stunning when teamed with textured laminate flooring. To save the flooring from regular spilling of water and other such liquids, it is recommended to use water resistant oak laminate flooring so that the HDF core is damage free. These laminate floorings are highly customisable and you can order for textured surface and water proof Oak laminate flooring. You can also make choices between various options of surfaces like crystal, embossed, gloss, hand scrapped, Matt, Piano, Stone cut and textured etc. Grooving on the floor can also be altered and customized.

  • Oak laminate is one of the best choices for the flooring if you are building a new home or renovating your older one.
  • They are easily customizable and offer luxury at a reasonable and affordable rate.

For those who love darker shades, Black laminate flooring is the way to go


Also called Black walnut laminate flooring, the laminate features wood grain that is more detailed and possess a sharp contrast between light and dark wood grains. As the darker color of flooring appeals to many, this flooring is quite popular. Black laminates are also liked by young people now who even use the laminate to make boards for television. Walnut wood is characterized by darker hues and tones and this is the beauty and uniqueness of it. Similar tones are rarely found in any other species of wood. It is recommended to order for water-resistant black laminate flooring as they can withstand regular spillage of water and other such substance. Places that have a moist weather due to persistent rains also require water-resistant flooring in the homes. Specially treated black laminates can be made into a waterproof, soundproof and green core boards. Various options of surfaces in the laminate flooring are also available for you. These include crystal, small, middle and large embossed, gloss, high gloss, handscraped, wood grain, matt, piano, textures and stone cut. As these laminate floorings are customizable, you can choose among any of the surface and specially treated floorings. You can also have your favorite black laminate flooring grooved.

  • The black laminate flooring will appeal to you if you prefer darker hues of elements in your home.
  • The options of surfaces and textures in laminate floorings are many and hence you can choose the best for you.