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Laminate Flooring Manufacturers—Over 10 Years Experience For Global Custumers!

If you are searching for a new home flooring project for any of your apartment and having a slim budget to adhere to, a very good way to go is to look at laminate flooring which over the year has elvoved into a very strong and competitive alternative to authentic solid hard wood or stone floors.

laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or sometimes stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer. is a Chinese Trading company exporting Laminate Flooring from China to the  world over with over 10 years experience in the industry. The Best Laminate Flooring you can always think of is At because our quality surpasses that of our competitor’s and Laminate Flooring Prices are ridiculously cheap.

At, we create virtually any style, shape, finish, texture, scrape, bevel, locking system, thickness, size and attached pad of laminate-flooring planks sold through distributors, dealers and chains nationwide. This amazing growth and our ability to supply the needs of the marketplace has help us to earn a remarkable name in the industry.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, has taking over and invented the laminate floor and we’ve been creating innovative flooring ever since. We’re constantly developing beautiful, easy-to-install floors with superior surface wear and scratch protection. That might be why we’re considered the most preferred consumer brand. As the largest Chinese laminate flooring manufacturer and a producer of premium hardwood floors, we take pride in producing unsurpassed products backed by superb warranties and unmatched customer service.

At you can easily customize your own laminate flooring online and all the products will be just for you.From raw materials to final packaging, our quality-control specialists work around the clock conducting a series of tests to make sure all LaminateFlooringManufacturers China products are produced with the highest standards at every step.

Why we are different and unique and why laminate floors is better to use

It is very sustainable:  All of our laminate-flooring designs contain a wood-fiber core made with ecologically sustainable pine trees, allowing us to bring you the look and feel of exotic hardwoods without harming exotic or endangered species.

Low cost: laminate floors are very cheap and unique.

Efficiency: We are able to use almost every part of the tree when is made, providing a more efficient manufacturing process.

Fewer chemical input: requires very minimal maintenance and unlike hardwood, it will never need to be refinished. Regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping with our mild cleaning solution will keep your floor looking like new for years to come, with no need for harsh chemicals.

Easy Installation : With our mechanical locking systems, install easily without the need for glue or nails. This simple installation process means fewer power tools are needed, which results in less energy use and less waste.

Durability: With warranties of many years or more, is more durable than carpet or hardwood, and won’t have to be replaced nearly as often. This translates to less waste being sent to a landfill.

Low vol inks: The decorative paper layer used in is printed with water-based, low volatile organic compound inks, which are safer for consumers and the environment.

At, We are particular about EACH Plank.

Forget About Laminate, It’s Halloween!

One of the most exciting holidays in western countries is coming,yes,that’s HALLOWEEN, Oct.31th which was only popular among the English countries but now in China I can also feel the enthusiasm and craziness because there will be a big nightlong party in one large plaza around my dwelling tonight and it’s said all the products will be sold on 50% off. Well, I have to say, thanks for Halloween, I get the possible chance to catch cheap goods. By the way, if you purchase laminate flooring from Sunspeed today, maybe you could find surprise! And even if there’s no purchasing, you can still enjoy relaxing.

Although people can act as any horrible figures and do some crazy things traditionally on Halloween, most of them still don’t know why they are doing so. Today you may get the general picture.

Pumpkin Light

Halloween laminate

The pumpkin cave light story dates back to ancient Ireland. A person named Jack was a drunkard and he liked playing tricks a lot. One day he cheated devil to climb onto the tree and scaring the devil by caving a cross in the stump. The devil didn’t dare to come down so Jack came up with requirements as exchanging condition, he asked devil to never let him commit a crime by magic. But after Jack dead, his soul could neither rise to the heaven or fall down the hell so he could only hang between the both with a pumpkin light illuminating his path.

Trick or Treat

trick or treat

Another custom on Halloween is Trick or Treat which can be dated back to the European Christian Church in the 9th century. At that time, Nov. 2nd was called “ALL SOULS DAY” by Christians and on this day all the disciples will trek to the remote villages begging “soul cookie” which was made of flour and raisin door by door. It’s said that people donating “soul cookie” believed prays of those disciples would help their dead relatives went to heaven early. And this door-by-door begging tradition was transformed as children’s candy-begging games. All the children will act as spirits or ghosts by costume and yell “trick or treats” while hosts open the door. And no one will reject those little cute figures, just putting candies into children’s big bags.

Traditions are traditions, but people could make changes to meet era’s needs. We have beliefs but we also need games. So I think no matter how those traditions change, happiness and health will always be the principle.

Finally, wish all you guys a happy Halloween and follow you may find more holiday stories later.

Carpet Cleaning Guidelines

When we buy a new home we often love to have a nice flooring, a good rug or a carpet under our feet. We need something to keep our toes warm in the dead of winter or something to lay on when we play with our kids or pets. Carpets do get dirty awfully quick though and they require a good bit of care if you want to keep them looking as fresh as the day you put them in your room. The following tips will point out a few things you may do to keep them clean:

carpet cleaning

  • You should buy some area rugs to lay down on your favorite carpet. If you put some of them on your carpet, then you won’t have too much of an area to clean when you’re cleaning your home. If you grow bored of their look, then you can move things around a bit for a different effect. Of course that may not always be an easy task, so you will need to consider whether you want this solution to be what you’re going for. This is especially useful if you happen to be living in a rented home, as you will create less of a mess for your landlord or other tenants that come after you.
  • You must also make sure you vacuum the carpets every week or so, since a lot of things may end up on it. Hair, dust, bits of food and crumbs as well as shedding skin can be great food for dust mites. They will end up stuck between the fibers of the carpet, creating situations where your allergies may cause you distress. Find a good HEPA vacuum cleaner and use it on a regular basis to fix that.
  • If you feel like you need to, you may use a carpet freshener to make your carpets have much better scent. You can let it do its magic for 15-20 minutes, then you must make sure you vacuum it completely. You don’t want to have any residue left on it as it will only make the carpet harder to clean in the long run. The freshener should not be used more often than once a month or so, never go too far with it as its scent will be too strong.
  • When you have to clean specific spots on your carpet, such as the ones that happen after a spill or similar occurrences. You should blot the spot out completely with a paper towel or a regular towel, then follow that up with a wet sponge. Once that is done you will need to apply a carpet cleaner for the serious spots that simply won’t go away.
  • You will need to hire a carpet cleaning company Bayswater if your carpet is simply way too dirty to deal with a few quick fixes. On the other hand you can simply rent a machine to get it done, assuming you have any knowledge of how you can get this done. You will have to move the furniture out of the room so you can get the job done, but in the end the effectiveness of what you do will depend on your own skill and machine as well. If you’re not sure what you’re doing you may want to let the professionals handle it.

Cleaning The Rug

cleaning the rug

Cleaning a rug is an element of house cleaning that is hardly ever done by most people. However, it is an important part of a home clean and it should be done on a regular basis. The following are a few tips regarding cleaning a rug.

The importance of cleaning rug as a part of floor cleaning

Sometimes, due to neglect or time constraints, rugs are not cleaned as often as they should be. This can lead to the rug losing its texture and falling into disrepair. Once a rug starts to have long standing mud stains or streaks, it can be very hard to remove them. This is the reason why keeping the rug clean is important in floor cleaning.

How to clean a rug

Vacuuming the rug
The rug should be vacuumed on a regular basis. This should be done at least once a week. It may be best to invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner as it may be better in picking up smaller amounts of dirt than an upright vacuum cleaner can. Failing that, if the upright vacuum cleaner comes with upholstery apparatus, that can be used instead. Vacuuming the rug means that it will take all the dirt and debris out of the rug, leaving it clean and fresh. In the event that a rug has a fringe, try not to vacuum that area as it could cause the strands of the fringe to unravel from the rug.

Turn over the rug
It is a good idea to turn over the rug between once to twice a year. When this is done, vacuum both the front and the back of the rug. In the case where a person has hard floors, it is probably best to dust the rug as well.

Shaking out a small rug
Where the rug in question is small, it is advised to shake it out every so often. This will help to remove some of the dirt and grime within the rug.

Dealing with hairs from a pet
Where a person has a pet, there is a likelihood that the rug will pick up some hairs and dirt from the animal. To dislodge the hairs from the rug, use a brush.

Washing the rug
It is a sensible idea to wash the rug every six months to a year. This can be done by using an extraction carpet washer. There is a note of caution. These types of carpet washers are very expensive. It is best to test a tiny part of the rug before going ahead with the extraction wash. After the wash, the rug needs to dry at a fast rate otherwise it may get mildew. By using an extraction carpet washer, the rug should dry much faster.

Having the rug cleaned by professional cleaners
In the event that a person doesn’t have the time or the inclination to clean a rug, they can take the rug to a professional rug cleaner to have the rug cleaned.

The amount of times a rug should be professionally cleaned will vary. Where the rug is large in size and has not been walked on too much, the clean should take place every two years. In the event that the rug has accumulated a lot of dirt and debris on its surface, the rug should be cleaned every year. Although it may prove expensive, professional cleaners will have the equipment that most people will not have and they will be able to get the rug cleaned to a high standard.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

These hot ideas in kitchen flooring are great for cooking up a fabulous kitchen design.


Satillo Tile- The Spirit of Mediterranean

If you are looking for exotic style like Mediterranean for your kitchen, then satillo tile might be a good choice. Incorporate lively colors bring these rustic hardware inviting look and take warm into your kitchen easily.


Hardwood Flooring-Beauty of Nature

Hardwood flooring may be not the most water resistant floor materials but the beauty of wood character and natural knots presented by the floor will definitely give you a rock and gradually fulfill your kitchen with nature scent.


Laminate Flooring- Beauty with Warranty

If you think hardwood flooring a luxury for kitchen just try laminate flooring for an alternative because laminates possess all the beauty of hardwood. Either noble cherry laminate flooring or hot beech laminate flooring, or fresh maple laminate flooring, all that you expect from solid wood can be found in laminate wood floor. Besides, the high wearing resistant character of laminate flooring assures you a long lifetime and realizes the beauty with warranty.


 Vinyl Flooring-Elastic and Soft Ground You Ever Had

Wearing resistance, anti-scratch, waterproofness and stylish colors crown vinyl flooring the king of kitchen floor. But you may be attracted by another shinning point of vinyl floor, that is, elasticity. The soft feeling comes when you step on the floor will make you warm and comfortable.


Marble-High-End Style

Once reserved for only the most exclusive of settings, marble is becoming more common. Though a little dull some while, marble still carries and air of sophistication and tact and you can incorporate it through your kitchen for a timeless look.

No matter what the style is for your kitchen, one crucial point you should remember is the harmony and unification of your whole family. Just decorate your kitchen in a way that can be easily fused.

10 Reasons to Get Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has quickly become one of the most popular flooring types in new houses and for remodeling projects. Not only does it have a strong surface and capacity for rough wear without the damage inherent in wooden floors, it looks great, too. Most laminate flooring comes with a 25 year warranty against wearing, fading and staining.

Here are ten reasons to install laminate floor in your home:

  • Durability: Laminate flooring is a durable surface and has become the common choice for homes with children or pets. This flooring features a tough surface layer to provide scratch and dent resistance. Most laminate flooring comes with a 25 year warranty against wear and  damage.
  • Fade Resistance: Sun exposure will not cause laminate flooring to fade. Since you don’t have to use harsh cleaning products on the laminate, the finish will last longer and stay cleaner.
  •  Stain Resistance: Laminate flooring comes with a stain-resistant coating making cleaning up spills quick and easy.
  • Installation.Installing laminate flooring requires no special tools or training. They use a simple tongue and groove locking system on top of existing floors or sub-floors. Since little cutting is required, there is minimum of dust and it is quick to install.
  • Maintenance: Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Already finished, a damp mopping or vacuum job will keep the floor clean. It doesn’t need sanding or any of the traditional maintenance methods of hard wood flooring. Damage to the  flooring can be touched up or, if extensive, the flooring plank or section can be replaced.
  • Economy: In addition to being less expensive than hardwood flooring, laminate flooring is also a long term value with a warranted life span encompassing at least 25 years. The cost of installation is lowered as this can easily be approached as a do it your self project.
  • Health concerns: Laminate flooring provides a healthy alternative to hardwood or carpeted floor by making cleaning ups easier and more thorough. Laminate flooring is a good choice for people who suffer allergies.
  • Finish: The finish on laminate flooring is a photographic imitation of natural materials. The patterns are printed on the laminate and include wood patterns, such as knotty   pine, as well as ceramic and stone.

Since the finish on laminate flooring is a photographic finish, there is a huge range of options for finishes. Instead of having to pay more for more exotic wood finishes or patterns, the cost remains stable no matter what finish you are wanting for your floor.

When it comes to finishing the floors of your home, whether it is new or you are just remodeling, finding laminate flooring manufacturer that fit your needs without breaking your bank is critical a step.


What Kind of Laminate Flooring Does Australia Prefer?

It’s really remarkable how laminate flooring as a new material affects the home flooring projects in the past 20 years. Laminate flooring grew into the new beloved not only because of its advantages of high resistance, easy maintenance and water resistance but also for the vivid imitation of wood like colors and surface designs which even make the real wood floors eclipsed. Although there are diverse laminates circulating in the flooring market currently and each type of them attracts lots of consumers, when it comes to a specific type, it seems that each country has its NO. 1 nationally favored products. So what’s it in Australia?

To find this out, we specially had an interview with Sam Xue, Sunspeed Flooring sales manager who has been in charge of Australia market for 6 years.

Bigger Size

“Australia’s requests are very special compared with Asia countries.” Said Xue “They prefer longer and wider boards decorated by spotted gum and blackbutt wood colors. As to surface, high gloss laminate flooring will be the eternal choice at least to most Australians.”

Later we checked some Australian contracts from Xue noticing that the product length mainly floats between 1800 and 2400mm, width between 195 and 295mm. This makes the product really stand out from the crowd when you sit it next to a more common size of laminate flooring such as 1218x197mm.

Unilin Fans

“Most Australian customers prefer Unilin click products considering the Unilin lock will make installation stonger.” Xue explained “But actually, no matter what the click system is, easy and tight installation will not be a problem to laminate flooring. And the patent charge of Unilin Company makes Unilin laminate flooring more expensive than common boards.”

High Gloss Surface

Just as Xue said, Australians prefer this smooth surface of high gloss. I think that’s mainly because this mirror surface resembles solid wood flooring extremely.

Local Wood Colors

Just like Thai people prefer teak wood colors, Australians devote their sole love to their local wood species. When you ask them what kind of wood colors they want their floors to be decorated with, the answers will mostly limited to blackbutt, spotted gum and Jarrah. Those dark laminate flooring seems quite popular in Australia land.

Hope the above information could be helpful to flooring companies who plan to stride into Australia market. And if you are Australia reader looking for laminate flooring suppliers, please don’t hesitate to contact Sunspeed Flooring by for product details.

Can Sunspeed Flooring Be Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring has been well accepted by consumers from China and many other countries around the world for various reasons such as its high wearing resistance, non slip character, easy clean and maintenance, and strong waterproof performance. Among them, the waterproof character becomes the most concerned point highly focused by many customers especially those from humid countries like Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Regarding this point, Sunspeed made a physical test to verify the waterproof performance of our products.

Product Information:

Size: 1218x197x8.3mm

Surface: Texture

Abrasion: AC3

Color: LG7199

Click: Arc

Test Content:

Whether Sunspeed Flooring products are waterproof laminate flooring?

Test 1:

Prepare two pieces of flooring boards, put them installed. Observe the part circled by orange. Drop some water onto the circled part as the second picture shows. Check the same part 20 minutes later, you will find there is little change about the water on the flooring surface. The high waterproof performance effectively stopped water drops from penetrating.


Test 2:

Check the HDF board of Sunspeed laminate flooring. Prepare a basin of water, put the small board into water slowly until it’s impregnated by water totally just as the picture 2 shows. Pick up the board one hour later, you will find the board is completely wet but there are no feculent materials left in the basin in picture 4 which well proved the high waterproof character of our HDF board material, because for bad materials, the water will appear dirty stained by destroyed HDF materials.



As one of the well known China laminate flooring suppliers, Sunspeed could absolutely provide high quality waterproof laminate flooring products. Meanwhile, to strengthen its waterproof function, Sunspeed usually recommend waxing treatment for those product requests from southeast tropical countries. Hereunder are two pictures of waxed floor board and standard laminate flooring respectively. Observe them carefully you will find the board click with waterproof treatments appears dark. No worry about that, that’s the effect of wax.


We hope you could have a better understanding about our products after this waterproof test. If you have any requests or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact We are very happy to solve them for you immediately. Of course, if you are not really interested in this product information but just looking for some laminate flooring installation and daily maintenance knowledge, please go ahead to check our laminate flooring manufacturer site.

How to Make Floor Cleaning Easier

how to make floor cleaning easier

As much as we may enjoy not dealing with cleaning around our homes, unfortunately this is a job that needs to be done at one point or another. If the floors are covered with stains and hard to clean might be a time too late to deal with this easily, so you will need to address the issues as soon as they pop up if you want to succeed in time for everything you need to deal with. Naturally, there are ways you can avoid dealing with cleaning in unpleasant ways by being more effective at it. The following few tips will give you an idea what you can do to make it happen:
• You would do well to keep things simple in terms of cleaning. There will be quite a few things to do when cleaning different floors, though in most cases you can do a lot of good with simple water and soap alongside a sponge mop. Tough spots will require more care than the usual work, however you will rarely need any special and expensive cleaners to get the job done for the most part.

• You can also use a sponge to reach harder places, since using a sponge would be next to impossible to work with. Using it will allow you to get things done with much less hassle involved for these harder places for a nice and clean floor.

• Something else you can use to your advantage are microfiber mops. They are much more absorbent than the other options at your disposal. You can use them with pretty much all chemicals used for cleaning, at the same time being reusable and safely washable too. They won’t deteriorate as string mops do, which makes them last much longer in turn.

• Another thing you can use to make sure you have the floors clean of dirt and debris is to eliminate mold on it if it appears. Using powdered oxygen bleach will allow you to eliminate it from your floors with greater efficiency, especially in hard to reach places and nastier spots.

• Something else you may want to use on the floors after you’re done cleaning them should be a silicone-based cleaner, as this will make them a lot more resistant to stains in the future as well as similar problems. You can do this by yourself, as it will not require any prior experience to deal with laying it on.

• Alternate solutions for cleaning floors can include bleach and water in a 1:9 ratio if you want to sanitize the floor after you’re done. Do this on a semi-regular basis if you feel you need to so you’ll keep the germs away.

Introduction of Parquet Laminate Flooring

It is really remarkable how laminate flooring as a type of economical decoration materials strides into our daily house flooring projects in the recent 10 years. From the initial dull imitation of solid floors with limited wood colors till now, laminate flooring patterns have experienced huge reformation. So far, there are 13 types of normal surface designs and over thousand of floor colors circulating in the decoration market. Patterns are already diverse but diligent laminate flooring suppliers are still committed to create the next surprise for consumers. So, there comes stylish parquet laminate flooring.

Parquet laminate flooring is a premier type of laminate flooring which also possesses general laminate advantages such as high wearing resistance, water resistance, and anti-scratches. The most different character lies between parquet and normal laminates is the appearance and presenting pattern.parquet laminate flooring-eternal light

Normal laminate floors have independent colors which don’t need to consider much about connection angles, directions with rest floor boards; while laminate parquet flooring may need four pieces of boards to constitute a simple picture design. Graphically speaking, installing parquet laminate floor is just like a puzzle, which needs you to find out the relative pieces to accomplish a completed design.

Besides, the final effect after installation between normal laminate flooring and parquet floors is different. It will appear united and completed for normal laminates, which just looks like a huge picture and each part is slightly different. That’s because the initial big board is indeed pressed by a large piece of color paper and then cut into required sizes as per customers finally. From this point, parquet laminate is totally different. The relative parts look similar just like produced from the same mould.

After reformation, Sunspeed Flooring can offer various parquet laminate now, besides normal designs like beige parquet, coffee parquet and coral parquet, there are also new arrivals like “Eternal Light” and “Baroque Spirit” and those new designs are more popular with irradiation effect. No matter how it changes, our final goal is to decorate your room with comfort and beauty.

Still looking for parquet laminate flooring? Why not go to give Sunspeed Flooring a shot?