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Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

It is unbelievably remarkable how the last twenty years have increased the range of material used for home flooring. Once only hardwood, linoleum or carpet, the inclusion of tile, bamboo, cork and laminate floorings have given homeowners a wide range of styles and material to choose from. With incomparable advantages laminate flooring is becoming the most popular flooring material in homes across North America and the rest of the globe. Meanwhile, many laminate flooring manufacturers are getting into laminate flooring industry to satisfy the gradually increasing demands for laminate flooring, including Quick step, Pergo, Shaw and Sunspeed Flooring.

Though laminate flooring is well accepted by most consumers, it’s not perfect, there are still pros and cons.

laminate flooring pros and cons


  • Laminate flooring is produced by hot pressing 4 distinct layers together which assures the durability and wearing resistance. Melamine resin on the top layer makes it resistant to scratch, impact and preventing fading. Depending on manufacturers, most laminate flooring has a warranty of at least 10 years and the average is 15 years. 
  • Care free maintenance is another shining point of laminate flooring. For the special material of the top layer, liquid and stains are hard to attach onto flooring surface although they can eventually soak in if let stand.
  • Easy installation will totally satisfy your curiosity of do it yourself. Produced with click systems, laminate can be installed easily just by a slight tap. Besides, this flooring can be installed on existing flooring without having to tear up the original flooring.
  • Stylish designs enable laminate flooring not limited to traditional wood appearance.  Cloth, carpet, stone and tile, all these mimics help to make laminate flooring present diversely. Anyway, if you are still interested in traditional wood colors, knotty pine laminate flooring and parquet style laminate flooring are good choices.
  • Even with all these advantages, perhaps the most important one is the cost. Laminate flooring prices have been coming down steadily over the last few years, while quality has improved. Modern laminate flooring is virtually indistinguishable from hardwood flooring, but it only costs a fraction of solid flooring prices.


  • Laminate flooring is not hardwood. This means it adds little to the value of the home, and some people find it unattractive because it isn’t ‘real’ wood.
  • You also cannot refinish a laminate floor. Damaged or worn flooring needs to have the individual planks removed and replaced to restore the appearance.

Although the pros overweigh the cons when it comes to laminate flooring, there will remain hold outs who don’t like laminate flooring on the principle that it’s not a real wood. However, for the price, ease of durability and installation, it’s hard to beat laminate flooring.

Introduction of Walnut Laminate Flooring

Walnut as one of the premium wood species mainly originates from North America and Europe. Featured by beautiful parabola wood textures and a vivid contrast between light and dark wood grains, walnut wood has been widely applied into furniture, hard wood flooring and cupboard materials. With the printing technique improved, walnut colors are transferred into laminate flooring gradually. And diverse walnut laminate flooring has become the new beloved of many consumers all over the world.

If you are thinking about completing your flooring decoration with walnut laminate floors, why not come to Sunspeed Flooring for a walnut laminate browse first? There you can start your ease selection from a wide color range. Dark, brown, black or white, all the classical color tones of walnut can be found here. If you are looking for the dignity of dark, just try dark walnut; if you prefer the exoticism of foreign land, why not pick American walnut? And Sunspeed can offer more than these. You won’t catch the beauty and shock until you experience it in person.

Natural Walnut Laminate Flooring

The photo above is an installation effect of natural walnut laminate flooring ordered by one of Sunspeed Flooring’s Vietnam customers. Soft and beautiful walnut textures matched with small embossed surface presents walnut characters wonderfully. Of course, if you love those classical walnut colors even more, I recommend black walnut laminate flooring which mimics American black walnut wood grains vividly. For any other color requests, don’t hesitate to contact Sunspeed Flooring.


Tips on Choosing the Right Office Flooring

Floors are often the least considered aspect of designs concerning interior design of offices, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Flooring designs are important as part of the interior design solution for an office. They can decide upon the type of impression you plan on making on your clients and employees. The effort you put into your flooring designs and quality will reflect on how much effort you put into your organization as well. The next few tips will help you put the right kind of attention on your office flooring:Tips-on-Choosing-the-Right-Office-Flooring

• You will need to make your choice according to your type of office. Depending on what kind of office you have to work with, different flooring would fit better. If you have a medical business for example, you may want to use vinyl flooring due to its ease of cleaning. Travels and tours offices may on the other hand go for classic wooden floors, due to their warmth and good looks. Before you jump into working on your flooring you should figure out the function of what you’re going for.

• The next thing you must consider is the sense of harmony in your office when you design its interiors. If the flooring is not quite in harmony with the surroundings, then it will stick out in a very unflattering way. Do you have a minimalistic, cool corporate style office? Then you should go for textured flooring. If you actually have a lot of employees and you need a lot of furniture, then you will need to go for a more neutral and sturdy design. There is hardly a single solution in terms of office flooring, so you will need to adapt to the situation.

• Try to stay away from sharp and vivid colors, unless you’re really going for a more strategic placement of creativity and making a statement through it.

• You should use different materials for different rooms. For example, you can’t use the same type of flooring for the break room as you would for your reception area. The difference is not only in price, but also in function and sturdiness. After all, the break room will see more use and may even have spills happening that will need to be cleaned often, therefore you will need to look for something more practical than flashy.

• You should only use carpets wherever its necessary. There is a reason for that, since carpets will take significantly longer to maintain as well as much more efforts. Their durability will also suffer more in time. Try to use them in strategic locations or use higher quality carpeting to ensure you handle things more effectively.

• Last but not least, you should pay special attention to the overall budget you have available to work with. Make your choices wisely and think of future maintenance and its costs when you do so.

One Container of Small Embossed & Middle Embossed Laminate Flooring to UAE

Small embossed and middle embossed laminate flooring mixed in one container? Yes, that’s it. This is our first time to try the mixture of two different surfaces in one container. And this is also the first requirement we got from our clients. Tough the quantity is small we still try to make customers satisfied. Just believe Sunspeed Flooring is always ready to be your reliable laminate flooring supplier.

Now let’s check the shipment details. This order was for our new client from UAE. From initial contact to the final shipment, the whole process only took one month. Smooth communication can always make it effective. Do you agree?

laminate flooring shipment

To get the economical products, our client selected 1218x197x8.3mm products, no grooving, no special treatment, and packing without wood pallets. As to colors, he picked six from the color chart we sent and after the production we took some pictures for three of them as a record. Among them the oak laminate flooring in the middle is quite popular in the Asian countries. From the smooth surface you may get what the installing effect is of our laminate flooring.

laminate flooring color

laminate flooring color

laminate flooring color

For 8.3mm laminate floorings, we recommended double click system to our client because this click provides stable installations to 8.3mm products. Actually double click system is also hotly welcomed by many of our clients.

laminate flooring installation

Besides floors, our client also ordered many accessories to go matching with these floors including skirting, t-moulding, stairnose, reducer, quarter round and end cap, totally six types. So if you are looking for one stop flooring suppliers, just come to Sunspeed Flooring.


Which Is the Best Laminate Flooring?-World Famous Laminate Flooring List

Nowadays, healthy and eco-friendly life style has become a main stream which is widely focused by Chinese consumers: healthy food, healthy dress and now it turns to healthy flooring. With this principle, consumers come up with ever picky requests to laminate flooring suppliers. Since 2012 many famous laminate flooring stretched into China market and most of them were well accepted by Chinese consumers. Today we will list some well known brands just for your reference.

laminate flooring brands


Lamett flooring comes from Sweden whose main products include solid wood flooring, three-layer engineered wood floor and laminate flooring. Most of those floors are for residential use.



Pergo flooring as one of the flooring leaders originates from Sweden as well. But his main products focus on laminate flooring.



Egger flooring is a historical brand from Germany and laminate flooring is his main product.



Parky flooring comes from Belgium. You may find cork, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring from his product list.



Another flooring brand from Germany is Hrao. His products are limited to engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.



Belteno flooring also comes from Belgium. His leading products mainly include engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.



I believe Armstrong is the other flooring brand that consumers familiar with besides Pergo. His main products are engineered wood floor and laminate flooring. Additionally, you may also find vinyl flooring from Armstrong.



Teke flooring comes from Indonesia who has rich wood source. That’s why Teke mainly produce engineered wood flooring.



Don’t regard LG here as a brand of household appliance. LG flooring comes from Korea and the letters “LG” stands for “Life is good”. LG’s main products are laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring.


Though these famous brands are assured at product quality, their price may be a little higher than general floors. So if you are searching for budge flooring, just change your target, after all there are many reliable laminate flooring manufacturers.

Brief Introduction of Laminate Flooring Decor Color

Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular for one reason is the premium advantages laminate floors possess such as high wearing resistance, waterproof performance and anti-scratch performance. And the other reason may be for the beautiful colors it presents.

With the printing technique improved, more and more natural mimic colors emerged. The color series stretches from wood to marble and cloth. And each series has been expanded vertically to enrich the current color collections.

From wood species, you may get classical wood colors like pine, cherry, walnut, and you can also choose from peculiar wood designs such as merbau, wenge and spotted gum. Those products with obvious authentic wood features are especially popular, for example, knotty pine laminate flooring, rustic oak laminate flooring and vineyard cherry laminate flooring.

Meanwhile, some antique wood colors have been hotly welcomed by more and more large laminate flooring wholesalers. The following pictures are the new launch products from Sunspeed Flooring. Dark and old color tone matching with knotty and scar gifts laminate flooring history and dignity.

natural ancient maple laminate flooring

natural maple laminate flooring

 Though most consumers pursue wood laminate flooring to get the feeling of real wood floor, there are also some requirements for special decors like marble and cloth. But compared with wood colors, marble and cloth pictures are easily to be imitated and produced since they don’t have so many details as wood grains to consider.

The brief introduction above is a little general, but we hope it’s useful. And if you have any questions about laminate flooring colors, just contact me directly by

Four Simple Ways to Get Best Laminate Flooring

Nowadays, more and more laminate flooring products flood into the market as the demands increased. Before so many choices, consumers may be puzzled that which laminate flooring supplier is reliable, and how can they get the best laminate flooring easily. Today I will introduce four practical and simple methods to help you select high quality laminate flooring.

No. 1 Test formaldehyde release

Prepare several large mouth bottles which can be well sealed. Cut samples of different brands into small pieces with same sizes. Select one piece of board from each brand and put them into different bottles respectively. Seal the bottles tightly. 24 hours later open the bottles and smell at each of them one by one. The one with less formaldehyde release may have no odor.

No. 2 Test wearing resistance

Use No. 180 sandpaper to rub the same places of different flooring boards back and forth for 50 times. Products with no abrasive wearing resistance may be destroyed at wood surface, AC3 or lower quality products may have light damage, AC4 or AC5 may have little scratch.

No. 3 Test thickness swelling rate

Like No. 1 cut a small piece of board from each brand, and use ruler to measure their thickness and make records. Put them into boiled water for 5 to 8 minutes, then take them out and measure the thickness again. You make get the swelling thickness rate through the margin of two records.

No. 4 Test physical size

This test needs long boards to make a complete comparison. Put two boards on the floor and install them together. Touch the joints to feel if it’s smooth. By this way, you can check if there is height difference or opening distance.

Laminate Flooring Maintenance Tips

If you have had a good laminated floor installed in your home, then you will have a good opportunity to understand what you need to do to keep it clean and safe. Although laminate is much easier to deal with than real wood, you should still keep in mind that the gloss it has needs care to maintain. You should do the following if you want to make things easier on you further down the line:

laminate flooring installation effect

• Use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner or you can also use a swiffer tool for any hair and dust. You should sweep and vacuum in the direction of the pieces, so you can pick up anything that lays in the grooves instead of skimming over it. You must mix a few squirts of dish detergent in about a gallon of warm water. When you work on mopping you should make sure you wring it well enough so there won’t be any water left on the surface or dripping. You don’t really need a special cleaner but the aforementioned solution in pretty much all cases.

• You can also work with a solution that creates no streaks, combining a half cup of vinegar, a bit of dish detergent mixed in a bucket of warm water. This will not dull the shine and gloss of the laminate, but at the same time cleaning the surface as well. If you see streaks, then you may need to put a bit more vinegar in the mix until you find the right balance between both.

• A lot of manufacturers may require you to use their own brand of cleaners or else they will void the warranty provided upon purchase. You should still consider whether you want to follow the rules in terms of that or to make your own cleaning mix. Read the warranty guide before you make your choice and decide then. You can remove shoe polish and nail polish stains or tar by using an acetone-based nail polish remover quite safely as well.

• You should also put felt pads on all your furniture pieces, TV stands, coffee tables and more. This will help prevent scratching, as it will only make cleaning harder if you don’t. This should be done especially when you need to move any pieces of furniture. You should also do your best to lift furniture rather than slide it across the floors when you can.

• You can also place an area rug underneath the common seating area, such as the area in front of your TV or entertainment center. It will keep the area safe from high traffic with this additional layer of protection from spills, feet and more.

How to Select Colors for Skirting

Referring to decoration, many people may think of flooring decoration, then considering which flooring is more suitable for them, wood flooring or laminate flooring, who can offer the best laminate flooring, are there American walnut laminate flooring or Brazilian cherry laminate flooring which bring exotic feeling… No matter what it is, it’s all about flooring and people seldom think about the accessories like skirting.

Actually, skirting is also important for decoration, and different skirting colors may bring different effect. So how to select the right colors for skirting? Follow my four suggestions below and you will find the answer.

No. 1 Consideration of the interior lighting conditions

living room interior

Skirting color is tightly connected with the interior lighting conditions. If it’s bright inside the room, any color of skirting is ok and that does not matter much. But if it’s dark inside, you’d better choose skirting with bright colors which will lighten the room to some degree; otherwise, the whole room will be enveloped with dark atmosphere.

No. 2 Consideration of the room areadressing room

In small rooms, warm colors bring depressing feeling while in large and wide rooms, cold colors make you feel void. Therefore we need to make a selection according to the practical conditions of our room. For small room, choose cold colors like white; for large room, choose warm colors like earthy yellow.

No. 3 Consideration of door frame colors

door and frame


Another criteria for choosing skirting color is to select the same colors as door frame. No matter what the color is, as long as skirting color is the same to door frame color, the whole room will appear harmonious. And if you don’t want them to use the same color, then choose the similar ones. Remember, never try the different colors because that will make your room look weird.

No. 4 Consideration of furniture colors

furniture and floor

Generally speaking, skirting is rarely focused unless it’s extremely striking. Want the skirting to be obscure? Just match its color with the furniture whose color takes a majority part of the whole room.

After so many tips above, do you have a clearer picture about how to choose skirting color?










Can You Really Get Cheap Laminate Flooring?

While purchasing laminate flooring, many consumers are confident that they could get relatively cheap price from flooring suppliers after round and round bargains and they may chuckle for the final victory. But are they the final winner?

Just as I mentioned in one of my articles named What Does Laminate Flooring Price Depend On, laminate flooring prices depend on many factors like the size, thickness, wearing resistance… Some of which can be judged visually, but some can not. For example, two vital elements of wearing resistance and core board are hardly to be checked unless by some professional tests.

broken laminate flooring

We all know laminate flooring wearing resistance is divided into 5 levels according to European Standard; they are AC1 to AC5 with the quality changed from low to high. Maybe you need commercial use of AC4 level, and the contract is signed on condition of AC4, but the final product which is delivered to you may be AC3 for residential use just because your supplier wants to cut their cost. As to the core board, though every laminate flooring manufacturer claims their materials as HDF which is required by European Standard, while during the actual production, some manufacturers may use MHDF board instead to save cost. So if your supplier provides you lower wearing resistance products with MHDF core board at relatively cheaper price than the right product you need, do you still think you have got the cheap laminate flooring?

Now you may realize the importance of finding a reliable supplier. Price is crucial, but it’s not the only criteria. Consider more factors while choosing laminate flooring manufacturer, for example the credit and service.