Eco-friendly laminate floor cleaner and tips

Do you wish that you can have sparkling clean laminate floors in every room of your home? Well, there is a way to achieve that without having to spend a lot of money for various cleaning supplies in the shop. Making your own eco-friendly solution for the disinfection of your floors will be great, not only because you will save some money. A lot of people will tell you that it is not a good idea to use products which contain chemicals for the sanitation of your floors. Therefore, you definitely can’t rely on those which are offered in the shops because they are almost entirely made of toxic ingredients. Don’t worry, though, because we will give you some ideas and recipes for homemade eco-friendly laminate floor cleaners which will solve all of your problems with the pollution.

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Leaving your laminate and other kinds of floors exposed can be better for you because you won’t have to deal with the tedious cleaning of carpets. They detain more germs and grime than any other objects and require regular disinfection which could take hours. If you decide to leave your floors exposed, however, soon you will notice that they are covered with different stains, footprints and dirt. Therefore, you will have to find a way to maintain them always sparkling clean, so that your home can look its best. Below you can find useful recipes and tips with which you can preserve the good look of your laminate floors.

    • Vinegar and water solution
      Something simple as the vinegar can help you disinfect the entire surface of your laminate floors and erase all traces of pollution for a couple of minutes. The best thing about this eco-friendly recipe is that it will cost you very little to get the ingredients. You will only have to buy the vinegar, in case you don’t have any at home at the moment, and then mix a little part of it with cold water. You can use a mop to clean every part of your laminate floors.
    • Change the old cleaning mop
      Speaking of mop, now is the perfect time to change your old one with new. In case you used it before with various cleaning products filled with chemicals, it is a good idea to purchase a new mop which will be used only with the eco-friendly solutions you prepare. It is not necessary to look for some specific model, even a simple one can disinfect perfectly your laminate floors.
    • Floor cleaner with alcohol
      Another great recipe for a homemade floor cleaners is the one with alcohol which is presented by TenancyCleaners SW4. You won’t need any expensive ingredients to prepare it as well, only equal parts of vinegar, alcohol and water. For even better effect, you can also add several drops of dish soap. This recipe is very effective for the erasing of stains and other unpleasant forms of grime from the surface of your laminate floors. Again, you can use a mop or put the solution in a bottle and spray it on the surface. It will dry fast and you won’t even have to wipe it later.
    • Sweep the floors every chance you get
      The hairs and the footprints are two of the biggest problems of the laminate floors. Well, you won’t have to worry about it any more, if you sweep the floors in your home every chance you get. Creating a routine will help you with the further cleaning of the laminate floors too. It is important to perform a sweeping first, otherwise it will be harder to remove the hairs and everything else later when the floor is wet.

Even the best maintained laminate floor can become damaged over time as a result of the constant usage. If you see scratches, that shouldn’t worry you because there are many professional cleaning companies which can restore the good looks of your laminate floors immediately.

The article is contributed by Catford Tenancy Cleaners.

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