Flooring-Choosing Flooring Colors Smartly

Flooring is a large part of home decoration and the color of floors will affect the whole decoration style to a large degree. Therefore, finding out what style of interior decoration you are looking for before selecting floor colors is extremely important.

Today I will take laminate flooring as an example to provide some suggestions on matching floor colors with your whole decoration style. Even professional laminate flooring manufacturers may not know these skills.

Basically, decoration styles depend on flooring colors. For example, European style and Chinese style decoration are featured by installing dark color floors because these floors have strong influence and distinct features which always bring people noble and gorgeous feelings. On the contrary, modern and simple style decoration always use light color floors which emit fresh and elegant flavor.

Of course, this is just a principle. We don’t have to comply with it stiffly. Some unusual matching may bring brand new feeling. Besides, pay attention to the color matching of floors and furniture. Flooring color should foil furniture color and present steady and soft tone. Light color furniture can go match with any dark color floors, however, dark color furniture is not supposed to match dark color floors because this matching always brings people depressing emotion. Flooring with neutral color is better to match neutral color furniture. But there should be a transferring color between floor and furniture. Floor and furniture with the same colors won’t bring expecting effect.

laminate flooring and furniture

Finally, color matching of flooring accessories is also crucial:

  • Skirting color should go match with door frame, but not floors.
  • T-molding color should be the same to floor color, or at least belongs to the same color system with floor. 


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