Introduction of Painted V Groove Laminate Flooring

Painted V groove laminate flooring is a kind of wood laminate flooring processed through an extra special technology called “bevel painted”. Generally speaking, the normal production of common laminate flooring includes materials collection-hot pressing-a short time acclimation-cutting-a long time acclimation-grooving-packing. To painted V groove laminate flooring, the extra beveling step will be performed together with grooving according to a fixed angle and after that the beveled section will be painted with special painting whose color is the same as decor papers. By this procedure, the HDF below doesn’t show through. The perfect mimic of hard wood floor really makes painted V groove laminate flooring a very eye catching product, and will totally deceive people into thinking your V groove laminate floor is in fact a real wood floor. But it does cost much less compared with solid wood flooring.

Here is a photo of painted V groove oak laminate flooring with small embossed surface.

V groove laminate flooring

Just keep your eyes on the flooring edges, you may notice the slight beveled sections. They are not quite obvious just by observing from the front side because the decor-color-like painting has already covered the below HDF board perfectly. An installed v groove laminate flooring picture will show you more about how the beveled part works on the vivid mimic of hard wood flooring.

installed V groove laminate flooring

Just as normal square edged laminate flooring, painted V groove laminate could be produced with any size, any standard thickness as 8mm, 12mm. Since an extra process is performed during the production, painted V groove laminate flooring certainly costs more than the common ones. Basically, for the same specifications, the V groove stuff is 0.2USD/sqm higher than the common one. Even though, it’s still worth, because you can’t find cheaper “hardwood floors” anywhere else.

If you are interested in this V groove series laminate flooring and meanwhile looking for a reliable flooring supplier, I suggest you to contact Their perfect painting technique will never let you down.



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