Natural Filter Helps You Eliminate Laminate Flooring Formaldehyde

With many incomparable advantages for interior decoration, laminate flooring has become the beloved of many consumers. Though many laminate flooring manufacturers assure E0 level of their products. Slight Formaldehyde still exists after installation. So is there any way to solve the problem economically and safely?

The answer is YES. Today I’ll introduce some plants which can be grown in room to absorb formaldehyde.

  • Epipremnum aurumepipremnum-aurum

Function: This plant has strong absorption of formaldehyde. Besides, the long vines fall down naturally and straightly which add many dynamic lines and colors to the stiff room.



  • Chlorophytum comosum chlorophytum-comosum

Function: Chlorophytum comosum is regarded as the “king” of formaldehyde absorbing plants. It can eliminate over 80% of interior toxic air. Generally speaking, 1 to 2 chlorophytum comosums can absorb all the toxic air in one room. Therefore, it has another reputation-“Green Filter”.


  • Ivyivy

Function: Ivy has strong absorption capacity of formaldehyde. Besides, it also can eliminate xylene which exists in insulation materials, wall papers and laminated floors.


  • Chrysanthemumchrysanthemum

Function: Chrysanthemum can decompose two types of toxic materials, they formaldehyde existing in insulation materials and laminate floorings, xylene existing in wall paper. Besides, chrysanthemum has high visual value and its petals and stem can be used as medical.


  • Magueymaguey

Function: Maguey is an expert to absorb formaldehyde, besides, it also can be used to produce wine. Use maguey to make pulque is quite famous.

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