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Slipping Into Satisfaction

Maintaining floors has never been an easy job, especially if you own a business or have a lot of messy kids running around your home. That is why more and more people are choosing to laminate their floors every year. Sure it makes things a bit more slippery, leading to plenty of hilarious article titles, but it is also much easier to clean and maintain. You’ll be able to mop and scrub much easier and it won’t retain a lot of the gunk that your previous floor might have had you on your hands and knees trying to get out. But as with all cosmetic decisions about a home or business, you need to find the right organization to help you with this project. That often scares people away instantly, the idea that you might need to go out searching for someone to redo your floors is a nightmare for people with busy lives and jobs and families, plenty of other things on their mind. But fret not, for with the advent of the digital age it has never been easier to find the service you need in the area you need it. A few Google searches and you are on your way to finding a professional to laminate your floors and ensure that your home is in better shape than ever before. There are still a great many businesses to sort through, but when you take a look at their sites, it is fairly easy to gage their expertise and professionalism based on the content of the site. If you see a website that was clearly cobbled together cira 1995 and has maybe one link and a phone number, perhaps that isn’t the kind of professionalism you deserve.


However, if you look at the content of a website like Sunspeed flooring, it immediately becomes apparent the type of service that you are looking for. Sunspeed Flooring specializes in laminating floors and their website is chock full of information on all the various techniques. Do you want your kitchen redone with wood laminate flooring? No problem, Sunspeed Flooring has got you covered with the newest technology and a crew of experts, this is an organization that knows what its talking about and can help you find what it is that you are looking for with the best laminate flooring available.

Sunspeed Flooring is on the up and up when it comes not only to technology but also to communication. As stated before their website is extremely high quality and provides all the necessary resources in finding out how and why to laminate your floors. They are easy to contact and ready to answer any questions, they even run a blog on their website that discuses just this kind of thing. On the blog you can find articles about the latest news in floor care, color guides, cleaning tips and much more, it is a great way for you to truly feel as though you understand what you are signing up for.

Pretty soon this kind of online presentation will be the norm, so it is important to highlight those who are doing it first because they are often going to be the ones who are the most qualified and the most prepared to work on your home. These businesses are ahead of the curve in modern innovation and with their library of resources and professional care they can get you set up with exactly what you need at an affordable rate, so that you don’t have to fret about your floors anymore. You can move on to worrying about your kitchen cabinets! In all seriousness though, these kinds of businesses are just the type you want help you design the feel of your home because you know they are going to follow your vision to a tee.

Four Simple Ways to Get Best Laminate Flooring

Nowadays, more and more laminate flooring products flood into the market as the demands increased. Before so many choices, consumers may be puzzled that which laminate flooring supplier is reliable, and how can they get the best laminate flooring easily. Today I will introduce four practical and simple methods to help you select high quality laminate flooring.

No. 1 Test formaldehyde release

Prepare several large mouth bottles which can be well sealed. Cut samples of different brands into small pieces with same sizes. Select one piece of board from each brand and put them into different bottles respectively. Seal the bottles tightly. 24 hours later open the bottles and smell at each of them one by one. The one with less formaldehyde release may have no odor.

No. 2 Test wearing resistance

Use No. 180 sandpaper to rub the same places of different flooring boards back and forth for 50 times. Products with no abrasive wearing resistance may be destroyed at wood surface, AC3 or lower quality products may have light damage, AC4 or AC5 may have little scratch.

No. 3 Test thickness swelling rate

Like No. 1 cut a small piece of board from each brand, and use ruler to measure their thickness and make records. Put them into boiled water for 5 to 8 minutes, then take them out and measure the thickness again. You make get the swelling thickness rate through the margin of two records.

No. 4 Test physical size

This test needs long boards to make a complete comparison. Put two boards on the floor and install them together. Touch the joints to feel if it’s smooth. By this way, you can check if there is height difference or opening distance.