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How to choose a laminate flooring matching your home interior

Laminate floor is relatively low-cost and enduring type of floor. It can imitate almost every other type of flooring in style, pattern and appearance – hardwood, tiled and others. Here you can learn how to choose a laminate flooring matching your home interior. You should not only try to match the pattern and colour of your room’s décor. You need to consider the environment and temperature of the room where your laminate floor will be installed. Take a look at the main thing you should pay attention to when choosing the proper laminate flooring for your home.

Laminate floor is installed without glue and is very low-maintenance. It is very easy for cleaning and maintaining. During installation four or five layers of laminate are integrated and fused under pressure and create the planks. The most significant layers in laminate are fibreboard core, which has high thickness and the wear layer, which is coated with very solid aluminium oxide. The latter protects the floor from stains and scratches. The laminate can resemble real wood, stone or ceramic tiles. This makes laminate flooring look very authentic.

black laminate flooring

First you should regard the climate of the room where you plan to install laminate flooring. You should pay attention to the moisture and temperature which is maintained in the room. Installation of laminate flooring is not appropriate to be done in the bathroom. Although laminate is durable it is not enough resistant to so much moisture and wet, which is created in every bathroom.

Next you should choose what type of floor you will cover with laminate. This material is very universal and it can be used over all types of floors except real wood on concrete. If you plan covering an older floor choose carefully the proper laminate for the sub-floor. If you cover hardwood you should get at least 7 mm thick laminate over it. The reason for this is the fact the wood will contract and enlarge with the change of the temperature in the room. So the main rule is you should install thick laminate to ensure that your floor doesn’t damage easily.

It is very important to match the laminate type you choose to the traffic area in which you use it. Places like hallways near doorsteps will need more resistant laminate because they are high traffic areas. Take special safety measures in rooms like kitchens and bathroom where gets humid and wet. When you choose the texture and colouring of your laminate flooring, pay attention to the interior design and décor in the room. They should be matched.

Laminate looks like real wood but it is much cheaper. The wood grains of both are very similar and together with the texture, laminate floor looks very realistic. It creates very warm atmosphere with less need of special maintenance or cleaning. The joints of the laminate planks are almost invisible. This material can have warranty to thirty years.

When you choose a coating for your laminate, try to accomplish resemblance and balance with the design and decorating of the room. Lighter coloured finish will make the room seem larger, while darker colour tones make warm and intimate atmosphere. If your room is well lighted with plenty of natural light, you can install darker laminate floor to create balance. If the furniture in the room in which you plan to install laminate flooring is heavy in appearance, use lighter hues of laminate.

When choosing the laminate flooring you plan to install you should take into consideration many factors. The colour, pattern and style of the laminate should match the design and decorating of the room. Laminate floors are easy for cleaning and maintenance and are the perfect choice for most homes.

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