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Flooring – Choosing a lasting floor

When you start thinking about the interior of a new house, or if you need a new floor, and feel like you want to make a change from the old one, then it is a good idea to be thinking carefully as to what you will be basing your decisions on. In many ways, there is a lot to be said for choosing something that you love the look of, but at the same time, you do need to be aware of the implications that wear will have on the choice. If you think about it, the floor is the only part of the house that you are in contact with almost all of the time that you are in there, and this means that it needs to be pretty hard wearing! Of course, all floors are designed to be trodden on, but some finishes and materials will wear out a lot quicker than others, so it is certainly wise to be thing as to how you can ensure that you are getting both a finish that you love, as well as one that will last you a lifetime! You will have your own ideas as to these matters, but having a fresh think and a new perspective on such matters is always a good idea, so have a look at a few pointers below.

For a start, you need to work out what is going to look good in the rooms that you are considering. If you have a certain style in there that you don’t want to change, then you are limited to things that fit that palette, but if you are working from scratch then you have free reign, which is potentially a harder thing to sort out! For many, the choice will be based upon two things, color and surface texture, or material. You may like the look of wood, and you need a dark color, so you go for a dark stained wood. You may like a hard, modern look, but want it to be light, so you go for a pale poured concrete floor. These choices are up to you, and only you will be able to decide if these things look good. However, you must make sure to be looking into how hard wearing these materials are, and what sort of upkeep they need. There is little use in having a wonderful oak floor laid if you then have to tiptoe around on it because it is so expensive to maintain, and after all, houses are for living in, not just looking at!

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When thinking about this practical matter, you should be aware that liquids and scratching are going to damage certain materials, not just wear through footfall. If you have young children and spillages are a regular occurrence, then you may want to go for a linoleum floor, which is cheap to install, easy to clean, and can be easily replaced later on down the line. If you want to be a little classier, then engineered wooden floors are not too expensive, and come in different thicknesses, so that you can either go cheap as a temporary thing, or go thick and slightly more expensive and enjoy it for a fair while longer! Concrete and stone flooring like marble and slate are hard wearing, but require polishing and upkeep, which might be a little high maintenance. Carpets are a popular and easy choice, but again, will require shampooing as well as vacuum cleaning, in order to keep the colors intact for longer.

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