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What Kind of Laminate Flooring Does Australia Prefer?

It’s really remarkable how laminate flooring as a new material affects the home flooring projects in the past 20 years. Laminate flooring grew into the new beloved not only because of its advantages of high resistance, easy maintenance and water resistance but also for the vivid imitation of wood like colors and surface designs which even make the real wood floors eclipsed. Although there are diverse laminates circulating in the flooring market currently and each type of them attracts lots of consumers, when it comes to a specific type, it seems that each country has its NO. 1 nationally favored products. So what’s it in Australia?

To find this out, we specially had an interview with Sam Xue, Sunspeed Flooring sales manager who has been in charge of Australia market for 6 years.

Bigger Size

“Australia’s requests are very special compared with Asia countries.” Said Xue “They prefer longer and wider boards decorated by spotted gum and blackbutt wood colors. As to surface, high gloss laminate flooring will be the eternal choice at least to most Australians.”

Later we checked some Australian contracts from Xue noticing that the product length mainly floats between 1800 and 2400mm, width between 195 and 295mm. This makes the product really stand out from the crowd when you sit it next to a more common size of laminate flooring such as 1218x197mm.

Unilin Fans

“Most Australian customers prefer Unilin click products considering the Unilin lock will make installation stonger.” Xue explained “But actually, no matter what the click system is, easy and tight installation will not be a problem to laminate flooring. And the patent charge of Unilin Company makes Unilin laminate flooring more expensive than common boards.”

High Gloss Surface

Just as Xue said, Australians prefer this smooth surface of high gloss. I think that’s mainly because this mirror surface resembles solid wood flooring extremely.

Local Wood Colors

Just like Thai people prefer teak wood colors, Australians devote their sole love to their local wood species. When you ask them what kind of wood colors they want their floors to be decorated with, the answers will mostly limited to blackbutt, spotted gum and Jarrah. Those dark laminate flooring seems quite popular in Australia land.

Hope the above information could be helpful to flooring companies who plan to stride into Australia market. And if you are Australia reader looking for laminate flooring suppliers, please don’t hesitate to contact Sunspeed Flooring by enquiry@sunspeedflooring.com for product details.