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Forget About Laminate, It’s Halloween!

One of the most exciting holidays in western countries is coming,yes,that’s HALLOWEEN, Oct.31th which was only popular among the English countries but now in China I can also feel the enthusiasm and craziness because there will be a big nightlong party in one large plaza around my dwelling tonight and it’s said all the products will be sold on 50% off. Well, I have to say, thanks for Halloween, I get the possible chance to catch cheap goods. By the way, if you purchase laminate flooring from Sunspeed today, maybe you could find surprise! And even if there’s no purchasing, you can still enjoy relaxing.

Although people can act as any horrible figures and do some crazy things traditionally on Halloween, most of them still don’t know why they are doing so. Today you may get the general picture.

Pumpkin Light

Halloween laminate

The pumpkin cave light story dates back to ancient Ireland. A person named Jack was a drunkard and he liked playing tricks a lot. One day he cheated devil to climb onto the tree and scaring the devil by caving a cross in the stump. The devil didn’t dare to come down so Jack came up with requirements as exchanging condition, he asked devil to never let him commit a crime by magic. But after Jack dead, his soul could neither rise to the heaven or fall down the hell so he could only hang between the both with a pumpkin light illuminating his path.

Trick or Treat

trick or treat

Another custom on Halloween is Trick or Treat which can be dated back to the European Christian Church in the 9th century. At that time, Nov. 2nd was called “ALL SOULS DAY” by Christians and on this day all the disciples will trek to the remote villages begging “soul cookie” which was made of flour and raisin door by door. It’s said that people donating “soul cookie” believed prays of those disciples would help their dead relatives went to heaven early. And this door-by-door begging tradition was transformed as children’s candy-begging games. All the children will act as spirits or ghosts by costume and yell “trick or treats” while hosts open the door. And no one will reject those little cute figures, just putting candies into children’s big bags.

Traditions are traditions, but people could make changes to meet era’s needs. We have beliefs but we also need games. So I think no matter how those traditions change, happiness and health will always be the principle.

Finally, wish all you guys a happy Halloween and follow www.sunspeedflooring.com you may find more holiday stories later.