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Hard floor or soft floor: which is easier to clean?

For those who enjoy keeping their homes as clean as possible, the use of materials in the home can have a big effect on how easy everything is to keep cleaning. Hard floor cleaning is a great example of this. While the desire for tiles and wooden floor boards can be quite high, does that make them easier to clean or less so? When it comes to choosing between the potential types of flooring in your house, reaching a decision on whether you should have a hard or soft floor is primarily an aesthetic concern, but an increasingly number of people are starting to think about the practicalities in their choice of flooring. When it comes to your home, is hard or soft flooring easier to keep clean?


The use of hard floors can bring a number of fantastic qualities to your home. Available in the form of all manner of stone-based tiling and wooden floor boards, the options for keeping your flooring hard are numerous. Many people prefer the way hard floors look and the way they feel beneath the feet. But are they easier to clean? Quite often, the surfaces will be flat and wipe clean, meaning that any spills which happen are unlikely to leave a lasting mark. When it comes to tiling, the tiles typically do not soak up water so the cleaning is similar to the cleaning of glass. However, when it comes to wooden floor boards, there can be unforeseen issues. While modern wooden flooring is capable of leaving no spaces between boards, traditional floor boards can leave gaps. This is a place into which dust and spillages can drop and it can make everything difficult to clean. When it comes to cleaning wooden floors, professional options are sometimes the best in order to ensure that you get into all the nooks and crannies.

Soft floors, however, are not without their charm. Many people prefer the warmth and the texture of a carpeted floor and it is one of the most commons traits in any home. The cleaning process is different in that the fibres and fabrics will quite often hold onto the dirt and the dust and it will take a bit of extra effort in order to remove it. Most modern hoovers are designed with this in mind, however, so it is not too much of an issue. What is a concern, however, is the propensity for soft carpeting to stain. The fabric can become easily affected by the spillages and it can take expert help to get rid of them. As well as spills, the softer approach means that any dropped items do not cause lasting damage. Carpets and other soft floorings are able to absorb the impact of any items which might be dropped whilst harder floors quite often chip or scratch. While not necessarily a cleaning issue, it can lead to larger aesthetic concerns.

As a middle ground, many people choose to opt for a bit of both. An array of carpet laid across hard floors means that you get the benefits of both worlds. The use of movable carpets means that you can move them around and clean them in an easy manner, including picking them up when it comes time to wash the whole of the hard floor. Hard floor cleaning can be handled in a professional manner for the best possible results, but the use of a soft carpet laid on top of the floor can keep everything to the highest possible standards while you are waiting.