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Get Ready for Thanksgiving with Laminate Flooring For Your Kitchen Room

When considering re-flooring home in time for holidays, most people tend to focus on choosing floors that are beautiful for bedrooms or durable for high traffic areas. Seldom anyone thinks about choosing special flooring for the kitchen room where everyone will get together to celebrate holidays. We need to make a serious decision on choosing flooring for kitchen because this might be the messiest place ever during holidays when people make spills of drink, crumbs and other stains easily. For this Thanksgiving, we recommend laminate flooring to make your kitchen room guarded from dirt and more. And on the special day, you may get discount laminate flooring for surprise as well.

kitchen on thanksgiving day

Three Reasons Why We Choose Laminate As Kitchen Floor

Stain Resistant
A high-quality laminate flooring is usually made with a coating on the top layer that protects the materials from moisture and staining-perfect for spills, oil stains from Thanksgiving meals. And if you want your floor not to appear so dirty in front of those inevitable stains, you’d better make dark laminate flooring as the first choice.

Water Resistant
Kitchen room might be the second place where we touch water most in our home. If you don’t want to be troubled by wet floor everyday in the future, just choose water resistant laminate flooring. The special treatment of waxing will make laminate’s water resistant performance even better.

Floors are quite easy to get scratches when there are many people especially naughty kids. You don’t want your floors to get irrecognizable after a happy dinner right? Laminate flooring’s high durability will meet your needs. The impregnated aluminum dioxide in the top layer makes its top layer anti-scratch.

When you are ready to choose the flooring for your kitchen room, keep laminate’s advantages in mind. Remember, your dining room is a high traffic area and the choice of flooring is important. If you are ready to update your floors, Sunspeed today can provide laminate flooring at special price by Thanksgiving! Just write an email to sales@laminateflooringmanufacturers.com and let us know what type you need.