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Sunspeed Flooring—Bring Nature Back Your Home

As one of the leading laminate flooring suppliers in China, Sunspeed Flooring is well known for offering laminate floorings with various wood colors. Among those wood species, oak has always been the main wood color keened by consumers and with the favors increase, market demands for American oak laminate flooring turn to grow gradually.

Maybe for the district reason, American oak laminate flooring is especially popular in Europe and North America market. Its noble and unsophisticated wood grains can always bring consumers delicate and comfortable feelings which can only get from the nature.

To meet demands from different countries, Sunspeed Flooring adopts technique innovations meanwhile enlarges materials sources, of which knotty pine color is a live example. As knotty pine laminate flooring supplier, Sunspeed also spires no efforts to bring in other pine series colors. All that he did is to enrich the types of products by which to bring more nature scents into consumers’ home.

Whether normal supplies of American oak laminate flooring or innovation of knotty pine laminate flooring, they all proved the ever striving principle of Sunspeed Flooring. And we clearly know that what consumer desires is what we really pursue.