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Which Is the Best Laminate Flooring?-World Famous Laminate Flooring List

Nowadays, healthy and eco-friendly life style has become a main stream which is widely focused by Chinese consumers: healthy food, healthy dress and now it turns to healthy flooring. With this principle, consumers come up with ever picky requests to laminate flooring suppliers. Since 2012 many famous laminate flooring stretched into China market and most of them were well accepted by Chinese consumers. Today we will list some well known brands just for your reference.

laminate flooring brands


Lamett flooring comes from Sweden whose main products include solid wood flooring, three-layer engineered wood floor and laminate flooring. Most of those floors are for residential use.



Pergo flooring as one of the flooring leaders originates from Sweden as well. But his main products focus on laminate flooring.



Egger flooring is a historical brand from Germany and laminate flooring is his main product.



Parky flooring comes from Belgium. You may find cork, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring from his product list.



Another flooring brand from Germany is Hrao. His products are limited to engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.



Belteno flooring also comes from Belgium. His leading products mainly include engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.



I believe Armstrong is the other flooring brand that consumers familiar with besides Pergo. His main products are engineered wood floor and laminate flooring. Additionally, you may also find vinyl flooring from Armstrong.



Teke flooring comes from Indonesia who has rich wood source. That’s why Teke mainly produce engineered wood flooring.



Don’t regard LG here as a brand of household appliance. LG flooring comes from Korea and the letters “LG” stands for “Life is good”. LG’s main products are laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring.


Though these famous brands are assured at product quality, their price may be a little higher than general floors. So if you are searching for budge flooring, just change your target, after all there are many reliable laminate flooring manufacturers.