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Laminate Flooring V.S Hard Wood Floors

Laminate wood flooring: Laminate has progress beyond anyone’s expectations from the “plastic”- looking floors of the past, with their shoddy, artificial wood outlines and their useless status. Today’s laminate floors use sophisticated technology to capture the look of real woods and stones, as well as unique and unexpected materials like metal, concrete, and weathered wood Alongside trendy outlines, laminate floors offer high sturdiness and adaptability, which implies you can introduce laminate anyplace in your home.

laminate wood fooring

For strong, imaginative visuals and superb solidness, Best Laminate Flooring is the conspicuous ground surface decision.

Laminateflooringmanufacturers for great Laminate Flooring Suppliers

Hardwood flooring: Hardwood conveys a characteristic warmth and excellence to a room. It creates a strong, reassuring presence and reminds us of our connection to all the natural wonders outside our front door. Who doesn’t love a story outlined by nature?

Hardwood floors arrive in a wide mixed bag of wood species, from emotional exotics to customary hardwoods, so it’s anything but difficult to discover one to supplement your stylistic layout or outline style.

For persevering normal magnificence in your home, hardwood is the undeniable ground surface decision.

Laminate wood flooring is produced using composite wood squeezed together at high temperatures. The photo or picture of hardwood is then secured over the composite wood to frame the laminate, subsequently is less expensive. Laminate wood establishment expense is on a normal half not as much as hardwood.

Hardwood flooring is produced using reaped trees and relying upon how intriguing the trees are will delineate the evaluating. Hardwood is impressively higher to purchase and to introduce.

Laminate wood flooring : Laminate Flooring Advantages is that it is  produced using squeezed wood and it is more strong and opposes scratches, dampness and wear and tear superior to anything hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is likewise simpler to clean on a standard premise.

Even though laminate is more durable it is not as visually appealing and lower qualities of laminate may have artificial looking wood grain textures.

Hardwood flooring Hardwood is susceptible to scratching can get damaged from excessive moisture and will show wear, especially in heavy trafficked areas in your home.

Hardwood is the ‘real deal’. It is gorgeous to look at and depending on the variety can add considerable value to your home.


Laminate wood flooring Laminate flooring doesn’t repair effectively. On the off chance that you purchase flooring that comes in individual sorts and snapped out, you may have the capacity to supplant. Albeit, contingent upon daylight and age, the new piece may not coordinate legitimately.

Hardwood flooring Hardwood can be repaired by sanding and revamping out flaws. This point of preference gives hardwood an or more over cover, in that it will keep going for quite a long time into what’s to come.

Laminate wood flooring Difficult to focus natural effect. Normal for reused materials to be utilized, but at the same time is made with a sap made out of melamine and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde outflows may be foundation for some natural and wellbeing concerns.

Hardwood flooring Hardwood flooring can be very environmentally friendly, if it is purchased from a dependable supplier. Search for hardwoods ensured by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


While confusing at first, differences between hardwood and laminate flooring become quite obvious when inspected closely. While the flooring market has an abundance of both types of materials, in most cases solid or engineered hardwood flooring is a wiser, healthier and more environmentally conscious choice than laminate.

Can Sunspeed Flooring Be Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring has been well accepted by consumers from China and many other countries around the world for various reasons such as its high wearing resistance, non slip character, easy clean and maintenance, and strong waterproof performance. Among them, the waterproof character becomes the most concerned point highly focused by many customers especially those from humid countries like Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Regarding this point, Sunspeed made a physical test to verify the waterproof performance of our products.

Product Information:

Size: 1218x197x8.3mm

Surface: Texture

Abrasion: AC3

Color: LG7199

Click: Arc

Test Content:

Whether Sunspeed Flooring products are waterproof laminate flooring?

Test 1:

Prepare two pieces of flooring boards, put them installed. Observe the part circled by orange. Drop some water onto the circled part as the second picture shows. Check the same part 20 minutes later, you will find there is little change about the water on the flooring surface. The high waterproof performance effectively stopped water drops from penetrating.


Test 2:

Check the HDF board of Sunspeed laminate flooring. Prepare a basin of water, put the small board into water slowly until it’s impregnated by water totally just as the picture 2 shows. Pick up the board one hour later, you will find the board is completely wet but there are no feculent materials left in the basin in picture 4 which well proved the high waterproof character of our HDF board material, because for bad materials, the water will appear dirty stained by destroyed HDF materials.



As one of the well known China laminate flooring suppliers, Sunspeed could absolutely provide high quality waterproof laminate flooring products. Meanwhile, to strengthen its waterproof function, Sunspeed usually recommend waxing treatment for those product requests from southeast tropical countries. Hereunder are two pictures of waxed floor board and standard laminate flooring respectively. Observe them carefully you will find the board click with waterproof treatments appears dark. No worry about that, that’s the effect of wax.


We hope you could have a better understanding about our products after this waterproof test. If you have any requests or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact enquiry@sunspeedflooring.com. We are very happy to solve them for you immediately. Of course, if you are not really interested in this product information but just looking for some laminate flooring installation and daily maintenance knowledge, please go ahead to check our laminate flooring manufacturer site.

Natural Filter Helps You Eliminate Laminate Flooring Formaldehyde

With many incomparable advantages for interior decoration, laminate flooring has become the beloved of many consumers. Though many laminate flooring manufacturers assure E0 level of their products. Slight Formaldehyde still exists after installation. So is there any way to solve the problem economically and safely?

The answer is YES. Today I’ll introduce some plants which can be grown in room to absorb formaldehyde.

  • Epipremnum aurumepipremnum-aurum

Function: This plant has strong absorption of formaldehyde. Besides, the long vines fall down naturally and straightly which add many dynamic lines and colors to the stiff room.



  • Chlorophytum comosum chlorophytum-comosum

Function: Chlorophytum comosum is regarded as the “king” of formaldehyde absorbing plants. It can eliminate over 80% of interior toxic air. Generally speaking, 1 to 2 chlorophytum comosums can absorb all the toxic air in one room. Therefore, it has another reputation-“Green Filter”.


  • Ivyivy

Function: Ivy has strong absorption capacity of formaldehyde. Besides, it also can eliminate xylene which exists in insulation materials, wall papers and laminated floors.


  • Chrysanthemumchrysanthemum

Function: Chrysanthemum can decompose two types of toxic materials, they formaldehyde existing in insulation materials and laminate floorings, xylene existing in wall paper. Besides, chrysanthemum has high visual value and its petals and stem can be used as medical.


  • Magueymaguey

Function: Maguey is an expert to absorb formaldehyde, besides, it also can be used to produce wine. Use maguey to make pulque is quite famous.

Flooring-Choosing Flooring Colors Smartly

Flooring is a large part of home decoration and the color of floors will affect the whole decoration style to a large degree. Therefore, finding out what style of interior decoration you are looking for before selecting floor colors is extremely important.

Today I will take laminate flooring as an example to provide some suggestions on matching floor colors with your whole decoration style. Even professional laminate flooring manufacturers may not know these skills.

Basically, decoration styles depend on flooring colors. For example, European style and Chinese style decoration are featured by installing dark color floors because these floors have strong influence and distinct features which always bring people noble and gorgeous feelings. On the contrary, modern and simple style decoration always use light color floors which emit fresh and elegant flavor.

Of course, this is just a principle. We don’t have to comply with it stiffly. Some unusual matching may bring brand new feeling. Besides, pay attention to the color matching of floors and furniture. Flooring color should foil furniture color and present steady and soft tone. Light color furniture can go match with any dark color floors, however, dark color furniture is not supposed to match dark color floors because this matching always brings people depressing emotion. Flooring with neutral color is better to match neutral color furniture. But there should be a transferring color between floor and furniture. Floor and furniture with the same colors won’t bring expecting effect.

laminate flooring and furniture

Finally, color matching of flooring accessories is also crucial:

  • Skirting color should go match with door frame, but not floors.
  • T-molding color should be the same to floor color, or at least belongs to the same color system with floor.