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6 Ways to Help You Select Right Laminate Flooring

Are you still puzzled by selecting right laminate floorings? Here under are six methods for your reference to make the right choice.

No. 1 Select Famous Laminate Flooring Manufacturers and Distributors

 Laminate flooring is a product with high technique and it’s quite difficult to know its quality only judging from appearance without professional quality tests. So we suggest consumers to buy from famous suppliers because they are experienced with offering both high quality products and good service. You may get durable products with 20 to even more guarantee which lower your interior decoration cost relatively. And the professional workers will recommend you which are commercial laminate floorings and which are for residential use. If you are now sure whether the supplier you’re contacting is good, you may also check some laminate flooring reviews from the related forums. What’s more, large suppliers can offer laminate flooring accessories as well. In that case, you could get all the products you need only from one “shop”.

No. 2 Judge from Wear-resisting Revolutions

The wear resistance of laminate flooring mainly depends on the dosage of aluminum trioxide on the surface. And certain dosage of aluminum trioxide decides the wear-resisting revolutions of laminate flooring. For residential use, the wear-resisting revolutions should be more than 6000, for commercial use in public places, more than 9000. You may make your personal choice per the practical needs.

laminate flooring structure

No. 3 Check Release Amount of aluminum trioxide

Aluminum trioxide definitely exists in laminate flooring, but if the value is more than 1.5mg/L, the flooring products will do harm to human body. So during purchasing you need to select products with national green certificate.

No. 4 Check Density of Core Board

The density of laminate flooring core board (HDF) should be 0.82-0.96 g/cm3, either lower or higher will be improper.

No. 5 Check Water-proof Performance

The thickness swelling rate indicates the water-proof performance of laminate flooring. The higher the rate is, the better the performance appears. And low water-proof laminate floorings will distort or change at size in humid environment.

waterproof laminate flooring

No. 6 Check the Installation Effect

Put 6 to 12 pieces of planks into installation, and observe whether the joining point is smooth, if the tongues and grooves are matched properly, neither too loose or too tight. Besides, you need to check the height difference and opening distance of joined planks.

laminate flooring

After those 6 methods above, are you clear about how to select right laminate floorings now? For more professional knowledge, please contact Sunspeed sales team.