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Can Sunspeed Flooring Be Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring has been well accepted by consumers from China and many other countries around the world for various reasons such as its high wearing resistance, non slip character, easy clean and maintenance, and strong waterproof performance. Among them, the waterproof character becomes the most concerned point highly focused by many customers especially those from humid countries like Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Regarding this point, Sunspeed made a physical test to verify the waterproof performance of our products.

Product Information:

Size: 1218x197x8.3mm

Surface: Texture

Abrasion: AC3

Color: LG7199

Click: Arc

Test Content:

Whether Sunspeed Flooring products are waterproof laminate flooring?

Test 1:

Prepare two pieces of flooring boards, put them installed. Observe the part circled by orange. Drop some water onto the circled part as the second picture shows. Check the same part 20 minutes later, you will find there is little change about the water on the flooring surface. The high waterproof performance effectively stopped water drops from penetrating.


Test 2:

Check the HDF board of Sunspeed laminate flooring. Prepare a basin of water, put the small board into water slowly until it’s impregnated by water totally just as the picture 2 shows. Pick up the board one hour later, you will find the board is completely wet but there are no feculent materials left in the basin in picture 4 which well proved the high waterproof character of our HDF board material, because for bad materials, the water will appear dirty stained by destroyed HDF materials.



As one of the well known China laminate flooring suppliers, Sunspeed could absolutely provide high quality waterproof laminate flooring products. Meanwhile, to strengthen its waterproof function, Sunspeed usually recommend waxing treatment for those product requests from southeast tropical countries. Hereunder are two pictures of waxed floor board and standard laminate flooring respectively. Observe them carefully you will find the board click with waterproof treatments appears dark. No worry about that, that’s the effect of wax.


We hope you could have a better understanding about our products after this waterproof test. If you have any requests or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact enquiry@sunspeedflooring.com. We are very happy to solve them for you immediately. Of course, if you are not really interested in this product information but just looking for some laminate flooring installation and daily maintenance knowledge, please go ahead to check our laminate flooring manufacturer site.

Introduction of Parquet Laminate Flooring

It is really remarkable how laminate flooring as a type of economical decoration materials strides into our daily house flooring projects in the recent 10 years. From the initial dull imitation of solid floors with limited wood colors till now, laminate flooring patterns have experienced huge reformation. So far, there are 13 types of normal surface designs and over thousand of floor colors circulating in the decoration market. Patterns are already diverse but diligent laminate flooring suppliers are still committed to create the next surprise for consumers. So, there comes stylish parquet laminate flooring.

Parquet laminate flooring is a premier type of laminate flooring which also possesses general laminate advantages such as high wearing resistance, water resistance, and anti-scratches. The most different character lies between parquet and normal laminates is the appearance and presenting pattern.parquet laminate flooring-eternal light

Normal laminate floors have independent colors which don’t need to consider much about connection angles, directions with rest floor boards; while laminate parquet flooring may need four pieces of boards to constitute a simple picture design. Graphically speaking, installing parquet laminate floor is just like a puzzle, which needs you to find out the relative pieces to accomplish a completed design.

Besides, the final effect after installation between normal laminate flooring and parquet floors is different. It will appear united and completed for normal laminates, which just looks like a huge picture and each part is slightly different. That’s because the initial big board is indeed pressed by a large piece of color paper and then cut into required sizes as per customers finally. From this point, parquet laminate is totally different. The relative parts look similar just like produced from the same mould.

After reformation, Sunspeed Flooring can offer various parquet laminate now, besides normal designs like beige parquet, coffee parquet and coral parquet, there are also new arrivals like “Eternal Light” and “Baroque Spirit” and those new designs are more popular with irradiation effect. No matter how it changes, our final goal is to decorate your room with comfort and beauty.

Still looking for parquet laminate flooring? Why not go to give Sunspeed Flooring a shot?

One Container of Small Embossed & Middle Embossed Laminate Flooring to UAE

Small embossed and middle embossed laminate flooring mixed in one container? Yes, that’s it. This is our first time to try the mixture of two different surfaces in one container. And this is also the first requirement we got from our clients. Tough the quantity is small we still try to make customers satisfied. Just believe Sunspeed Flooring is always ready to be your reliable laminate flooring supplier.

Now let’s check the shipment details. This order was for our new client from UAE. From initial contact to the final shipment, the whole process only took one month. Smooth communication can always make it effective. Do you agree?

laminate flooring shipment

To get the economical products, our client selected 1218x197x8.3mm products, no grooving, no special treatment, and packing without wood pallets. As to colors, he picked six from the color chart we sent and after the production we took some pictures for three of them as a record. Among them the oak laminate flooring in the middle is quite popular in the Asian countries. From the smooth surface you may get what the installing effect is of our laminate flooring.

laminate flooring color

laminate flooring color

laminate flooring color

For 8.3mm laminate floorings, we recommended double click system to our client because this click provides stable installations to 8.3mm products. Actually double click system is also hotly welcomed by many of our clients.

laminate flooring installation

Besides floors, our client also ordered many accessories to go matching with these floors including skirting, t-moulding, stairnose, reducer, quarter round and end cap, totally six types. So if you are looking for one stop flooring suppliers, just come to Sunspeed Flooring.


Which Is the Best Laminate Flooring?-World Famous Laminate Flooring List

Nowadays, healthy and eco-friendly life style has become a main stream which is widely focused by Chinese consumers: healthy food, healthy dress and now it turns to healthy flooring. With this principle, consumers come up with ever picky requests to laminate flooring suppliers. Since 2012 many famous laminate flooring stretched into China market and most of them were well accepted by Chinese consumers. Today we will list some well known brands just for your reference.

laminate flooring brands


Lamett flooring comes from Sweden whose main products include solid wood flooring, three-layer engineered wood floor and laminate flooring. Most of those floors are for residential use.



Pergo flooring as one of the flooring leaders originates from Sweden as well. But his main products focus on laminate flooring.



Egger flooring is a historical brand from Germany and laminate flooring is his main product.



Parky flooring comes from Belgium. You may find cork, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring from his product list.



Another flooring brand from Germany is Hrao. His products are limited to engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.



Belteno flooring also comes from Belgium. His leading products mainly include engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring.



I believe Armstrong is the other flooring brand that consumers familiar with besides Pergo. His main products are engineered wood floor and laminate flooring. Additionally, you may also find vinyl flooring from Armstrong.



Teke flooring comes from Indonesia who has rich wood source. That’s why Teke mainly produce engineered wood flooring.



Don’t regard LG here as a brand of household appliance. LG flooring comes from Korea and the letters “LG” stands for “Life is good”. LG’s main products are laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring.


Though these famous brands are assured at product quality, their price may be a little higher than general floors. So if you are searching for budge flooring, just change your target, after all there are many reliable laminate flooring manufacturers.

Sunspeed Flooring—Bring Nature Back Your Home

As one of the leading laminate flooring suppliers in China, Sunspeed Flooring is well known for offering laminate floorings with various wood colors. Among those wood species, oak has always been the main wood color keened by consumers and with the favors increase, market demands for American oak laminate flooring turn to grow gradually.

Maybe for the district reason, American oak laminate flooring is especially popular in Europe and North America market. Its noble and unsophisticated wood grains can always bring consumers delicate and comfortable feelings which can only get from the nature.

To meet demands from different countries, Sunspeed Flooring adopts technique innovations meanwhile enlarges materials sources, of which knotty pine color is a live example. As knotty pine laminate flooring supplier, Sunspeed also spires no efforts to bring in other pine series colors. All that he did is to enrich the types of products by which to bring more nature scents into consumers’ home.

Whether normal supplies of American oak laminate flooring or innovation of knotty pine laminate flooring, they all proved the ever striving principle of Sunspeed Flooring. And we clearly know that what consumer desires is what we really pursue.