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Which Laminate Flooring Is Better, Thick or Thin?

Laminate flooring is only 6mm thick at the beginning of launch. While in the following years 8mm products became the leading. But in recent years, laminate flooring becomes thicker and thicker which pushed 12mm board onto the top position. Meanwhile, a few 13mm and 15mm flooring products have emerged therefore enriched the diversity of laminate flooring at the thickness. But this trend also makes many consumers puzzled: Thickness is a very important factor which should be considered seriously while purchasing laminate flooring, the question is what kind of laminate flooring is better, thick or thin?

laminate flooring thickness

To this question, laminate flooring suppliers have their own answers:

Answer 1 Thick laminate flooring is more comfortable.

8mm laminate flooring is only 4mm thinner than 12mm product. While the slight difference brings large distance at price. According to flooring sales, neither 8mm nor 12mm products have heat dissipation or bending problems as long as their quality is assured. The main point is foot feeling and thick floors may offer better foot feeling.

Answer 2 Thin laminate flooring is better at density.

Unlike the above answer, some laminate flooring manufacturers may recommend thin boards for the density of thin board is higher than the thick ones. Suppliers provide explanations why thick floors are thicker. That’s because flooring machine can not press large amount of crushed wood materials into boards as strong and steady as thin boards. Thus makes the density of thick board lower than that of thin boards. And the thick board is easy to bend while impregnated with water.

Professional Answers from Experts

The thickness of laminate flooring has less affection on product performance. Consumers could do the procurement by their favors. Thick floors do offer better foot feeling and it’s true that the density of thick floor is not higher than thin floors. But that doesn’t mean the saying that some thin floor manufacturers boaster that Europe countries prefer thin floors because of its better quality is true. It’s actually a misleading because European countries have low requirement to floorings, they pay more attention to the practical application of flooring products. So Europeans’ favor can not be regarded as an advantage of thin laminate flooring. Of course, thick floor lovers should care more about quality but not only foot feelings because it do occur bending problem if the quality is not assured.

For more professional purchasing suggestions about laminate flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact Sunspeed sales team. They will leave no efforts to solve problems for you.

Detailed Surface Introduction of Laminate Flooring

With the innovation of manufacturing technique, more and more laminate flooring surfaces are produced by laminate flooring suppliers. But among so many choices, do you really know which surface type you are looking for? Today I will give a detailed introduction of laminate flooring surfaces.


Embossed in Register Surface

Embossed in register laminate flooring creates a dramatic level of realism because unlike other laminate flooring surfaces it matches the texture of the décor paper’s underlying pattern rather than just applying a generic wood grain texture. In some countries embossed in register is known as synchronized laminate flooring because of the way the indented texture is synchronized with the décor paper’s pattern.

Hand Scraped Surface

Hand scraped laminate flooring features a subtle undulating top surface that mimics traditionally crafted hand scraped flooring where texture is applied by hand using a scraper to create a ripple effect down the length of the board.

High Gloss Surface

High gloss laminate flooring is a classical product. It is shinier and more similar to piano surface. High gloss laminate flooring is quite popular among customers all over the world, especially Australian customers.

Matt Surface

Matt laminate flooring is also called silky floor, because it emulates silk. You will feel comfortable, simple and generous when you touch a matt floor. Matt floors are enjoyed because of the simple surface texture, which looks great with beech laminate flooring, which is likewise a very basic, uncluttered design.

Middle Embossed Surface

Middle embossed laminate flooring is one type of embossed laminate flooring and gets its name because of the density and distance of its concave and convex textures. Since middle embossed laminate flooring is hotly welcomed by consumers all over the world, it has become one of the essential goods on the product lists of laminate flooring suppliers.

Piano Surface

Piano finish laminate flooring is special because of it extremely high gloss finish giving it the majestic shine of a grand piano. Piano flooring achieves the gorgeous shine of polished hardwood better than other laminate flooring textures such as glossy floor or high gloss laminate floors for example.

Smooth Surface

Smooth laminate flooring is also called gloss laminate flooring in some countries. It’s featured by the smooth and bright surface which resembles a mirror. Many consumers choose this type as decor surface because of the soft feeling it brings.

Textured Surface

Textured laminate flooring is very popular among clients mainly because its special textures give the flooring an authentic look and feel just like real wood flooring. Besides, the laminate flooring texture can help you realize the dream to pay less and get something uncannily close to real wood flooring.

Wood Grain Surface

The surface of wood grain laminate flooring is hotly welcomed because its special grain vividly resembles real wood floors. And according to the report, wood grain laminate flooring is well accepted in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia countries.

Crystal Surface

Crystal Laminate Flooring is a common surface type chosen by consumers around the world for flooring supplies. In Australia, rain-dot surface is preferred which is almost the same as crystal surface laminate flooring except that it features longer indents.

Small Embossed Surface

Embossed laminate flooring is divided into four types – large embossed, regular embossed small embossed and embossed in register (EIR) laminate flooring. Regular embossed surface laminate flooring has become quite trendy and is loved by our customers in Southeast Asia.

Large Embossed Surface

Large Embossed laminate flooring features a greater depth of embossing than regular embossed surface type. Embossed surface laminate flooring takes advantage of the latest manufacturing techniques to create an almost real wood look and feel. As you can see from the image to the left, the large embossed effect runs smoothly with the pattern of the décor paper wood grain.

How to Select the Right Colors for Your Laminate Flooring

As a kind of popular flooring materials, laminate flooring has been widely applied into our daily housing decoration. And to meet consumers’ ever changing tastes, laminate flooring suppliers strive to enhance products levels both on quality and diversity, especially the designs of flooring colors. That’s why we have so many attractive colors to choose when it comes to the procurement of floorings. But different colors make different effects, for instance, white maple brings peace and grace; wild cherry brings vitality and youth; Nantucket beech brings ease and romance. So which style is more suitable and how to make the right choice becomes a problem to most consumers. Today I will give some advices on this topic.

To make a right choice you need to take three factors into consideration.

No.1 The Area of Your House

Generally speaking, if your house is large enough and full of lightings, dark floors with rough textured surfaces will be proper because it enables your house compact. For example, you could choose dark cherry laminate flooring with small embossed surface in this case. On the contrary, small rooms need to choose light floors with smooth surfaces because it will enlarge your space visually. Here, you may choose light maple laminate flooring with glossy surface.

No.2 The Function of Each Room

According to the functions, different rooms should be designed with different colors. Living room is a public place where we meet guests and do the routine activities mostly, so it should be decorated with transparent and soft colors to create a clean, harmonious and elegant atmosphere. Bed room is for rest and relaxation, so we need to make it quiet and comfortable by some warm and neutral colors like white and grey. Study room is for work and study, so cultural atmosphere is very essential here, and in that case we could use dark color floors to make the room prudent, for example, brown and dark.

No.3 The Harmony of All colors in the House

Besides floors, you may have other colors like the ceiling colors, the wall colors and the colors of furniture. Basically, light colors like white, beige are used to decorate walls and ceilings, while the colors of furniture always depend on the favors of host. As to the floor colors, we just need to remember, going match with the furniture and making up walls and ceilings.

Finally, no matter what the rule is for color matching, the most important principle is your mood and happiness.