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How to choose a laminate flooring matching your home interior

Laminate floor is relatively low-cost and enduring type of floor. It can imitate almost every other type of flooring in style, pattern and appearance – hardwood, tiled and others. Here you can learn how to choose a laminate flooring matching your home interior. You should not only try to match the pattern and colour of your room’s décor. You need to consider the environment and temperature of the room where your laminate floor will be installed. Take a look at the main thing you should pay attention to when choosing the proper laminate flooring for your home.

Laminate floor is installed without glue and is very low-maintenance. It is very easy for cleaning and maintaining. During installation four or five layers of laminate are integrated and fused under pressure and create the planks. The most significant layers in laminate are fibreboard core, which has high thickness and the wear layer, which is coated with very solid aluminium oxide. The latter protects the floor from stains and scratches. The laminate can resemble real wood, stone or ceramic tiles. This makes laminate flooring look very authentic.

black laminate flooring

First you should regard the climate of the room where you plan to install laminate flooring. You should pay attention to the moisture and temperature which is maintained in the room. Installation of laminate flooring is not appropriate to be done in the bathroom. Although laminate is durable it is not enough resistant to so much moisture and wet, which is created in every bathroom.

Next you should choose what type of floor you will cover with laminate. This material is very universal and it can be used over all types of floors except real wood on concrete. If you plan covering an older floor choose carefully the proper laminate for the sub-floor. If you cover hardwood you should get at least 7 mm thick laminate over it. The reason for this is the fact the wood will contract and enlarge with the change of the temperature in the room. So the main rule is you should install thick laminate to ensure that your floor doesn’t damage easily.

It is very important to match the laminate type you choose to the traffic area in which you use it. Places like hallways near doorsteps will need more resistant laminate because they are high traffic areas. Take special safety measures in rooms like kitchens and bathroom where gets humid and wet. When you choose the texture and colouring of your laminate flooring, pay attention to the interior design and décor in the room. They should be matched.

Laminate looks like real wood but it is much cheaper. The wood grains of both are very similar and together with the texture, laminate floor looks very realistic. It creates very warm atmosphere with less need of special maintenance or cleaning. The joints of the laminate planks are almost invisible. This material can have warranty to thirty years.

When you choose a coating for your laminate, try to accomplish resemblance and balance with the design and decorating of the room. Lighter coloured finish will make the room seem larger, while darker colour tones make warm and intimate atmosphere. If your room is well lighted with plenty of natural light, you can install darker laminate floor to create balance. If the furniture in the room in which you plan to install laminate flooring is heavy in appearance, use lighter hues of laminate.

When choosing the laminate flooring you plan to install you should take into consideration many factors. The colour, pattern and style of the laminate should match the design and decorating of the room. Laminate floors are easy for cleaning and maintenance and are the perfect choice for most homes.

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What Is Embossed Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring has been widely used for various applications in our daily life and its beautiful appearance attracts more and more consumers striding forward into laminate flooring market.Many people use laminate flooring instead of real wood floor not only because of its low price, but also the wood effects that laminate presents. If you think this effect only relies on those wood imitation color papers then you are wrong because laminate flooring surface also affects the final looking largely.

There are many surface types circulating in laminate market presently, for instance, wood grain, embossed, high gloss, etc. Among all of them embossed laminate flooring gets increasingly popular for its stereo effect with concave and convex veins. So what is embossed laminate flooring?

Embossed laminate flooring is laminate with embossed surface design mainly presented by lines of stereo wood veins. According to the density of those veins, embossed laminate flooring is divided into small embossed, middle embossed and large embossed laminate flooring. All those flooring surfaces are accomplished during hot pressing procedure in production. Different flooring surfaces are realized by changing relative surface steel board.
You may get them clearly from the photos below.

small embossed laminate flooring
Small Embossed Laminate Flooring

middle embossed laminate flooring
Middle Embossed Laminate Flooring

large embossed laminate flooring
Large Embossed Laminate Flooring

Embossed laminate flooring can be matched with any decor color per your favor, but professionally speaking, better with wood series colors. Because those wood imitation textures of embossed surface will help to express wood colors in a natural way. Here we recommend estate oak color with embossed surface to decorate your kitchen floor. This estate oak laminate flooring is featured by rustic feeling which will fulfill your kitchen with natural and rural scent absolutely.

Can I Use Laminate Flooring Outdoors?

Whether laminate flooring can be used outdoors has become a common question frequently asked by laminate flooring consumers. The answer is NO. Laminate flooring is not intended for outdoor use and all the laminates are made strictly for indoor use. So we can’t use laminate flooring outdoors? YES.

So why?

  • Weather Conditionswaterproof-laminate-flooring

You can’t 100% make sure what the weather will be like tomorrow even though you have seen the weather forecast. If it’s rainy, snowy or others except sunny, your laminate flooring may be destroyed by the large moisture. Although there are waterproof laminate flooring they are just produced to resist usual water not to be kept long “in water”.

  • Sunlight Conditions

Even if it’s sunny outside, long time shining from strong sunlight will also make your floor loose original color. Black laminate flooring will easily turn grey under sunshine day by day. So if you want your floors to keep “fresh as before”, try to protect them from harsh sunlight.

More We Need to Know
Installing laminate flooring indoor doesn’t mean you don’t need to care about the daily maintenance. Right maintenance method will assure you the promised warranty. Click here to learn the right way to clean laminate floors. If you have any other questions about laminate flooring, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional answers.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laminate Flooring

Have you ever thought about installing laminate flooring in your home? Hardwood and carpet may be the first flooring types that come to mind when shopping, but laminate flooring should not be overlooked.

Whether it’s for appearance, performance, installation, or durability, laminate flooring provides convincing selling points. Actually, after viewing these 4 qualities below, it might be an attractive offer you can’t refuse! maple laminate flooring

1 Beautiful Appearance You Can Afford 
The beauty of laminate flooring is presented by its diverse color papers and varying surface structures. All natural colors of wood, stone and carpet could be absorbed by laminate flooring perfectly. And thanks to the improved surface structures, laminate flooring is becoming increasingly similar to the natural model flooring especially solid wood flooring. To layman, the difference between laminate flooring and real wood floor is no longer noticeable. But the price distance still exists between them two. One actual example is that more and more consumers are choosing walnut laminate flooring instead of walnut flooring to cut the cost of decoration. They are happy with this because they get what they need but pay less than they should.

2 Waterproof Laminate Flooring You Ever Expect
Laminate flooring is more water resistant than normal wood flooring especially when it’s produced with waxing treatment. After grooving, all small laminate flooring planks will be transferred to the waxing equipment to get waterproof treatment on four sides. This special process will help to improve the water resistant performance of laminate flooring largely. Many humid countries like Thailand, Vietnam are tend to buy those products with waterproof treatment to adapt the local climate.

3 Click System Makes Your Installation Easy
Another selling point of laminate flooring is it’s easy installation. Produced with click systems, laminate flooring could be installed easily by joining click tongue and groove together. That means, even if you are not a professional handyman, you can still finish your flooring quickly. And if you want a new renovation, removing the old laminates is also not a big deal.

4 Tremendous Durability Promises You Long Warranty
The top layer of laminate flooring is the abrasion resistance layer which contains aluminum dioxide and that makes laminate flooring highly resistant to scratching, impact and other possible damage. The percentage composition of aluminum dioxide per sqm laminate affects the abrasion quality and the AC levels. Floors with high AC levels will promise you long warranty up to 25 years.

Do you already have laminate flooring in your home? If not, just come to Sunspeed today to choose products for your next flooring project.

How to Choose Office Flooring

how to choose office flooring

Deciding what type of office flooring to use can be difficult. There are plenty of floor covering options available to suit the purpose, but often for most there is a budget to go with the decision. If money isn’t a problem then you can splash out on the toughest hard wearing flooring of your choice, even opting for the latest colours and designs. But, it is likely you have a limited fund to renovate, so you have to consider your options before committing to a floor covering. You can browse the internet for ideas and designs before you decide, this way it gives you an idea of what type of covering is out there to do the job. Invest in home and office interior magazines or DIY books for the latest styles and trends if you are keen to be on top with the latest looks.

You will need something that is relatively tough as in a busy environment that has a lot of foot traffic it can soon get dirty. It also will get a lot of wear and tear, as well as dirty quickly. How much maintenance does it require? Do you want an easy to maintain type flooring? Some options to suit your needs are tiles, wood, carpets vinyl or laminate flooring? Sometimes the look of an office is important too. Do you have a lot of employees, and clients that visit your office to make a good impression? Do you want to have a nice interior with the latest designs? If you are in this type of business then you will want a look that is exceptional to demonstrate that a work area can be practical too. There is a lot to take into consideration before buying office flooring.

Take a look at the size of the area and then you can access the situation. Depending on what effect you want will also need to be taken in to reflection. For most flooring they need an even and clean surface to be laid correctly. If you have an uneven floor then you will have to have it repaired before you do anything. Usually a thin layer of concrete is the best option but does take and money. But it will be worth it in the end, and it won’t matter what type of flooring you choose they will all sit well. Nothing will look good if you have lumps and bumps under a surface, and also chairs and desks will not sit properly. If you are considering a tiled floor though they can be costly they will last. Tiled floors are easy to clean and always look good – an office cleaning or deep cleaning company can help you with that. They can be cold and slippery so ensure you by anti slip surfaces to prevent falls and accidents. Wood and parquet is tough flooring and if laid properly is tough and long lasting. It may need an occasional varnish or staining but will last. It is a safer option compared to tile for the safety of employees and clients, with no risk of accidents from slippery surfaces. Laminate is available in different grades which vary in prices it can be an effective flooring that is relatively tough but may not last as long as wood. It can get damaged quickly if not a high quality grade, do your research. Vinyl covering is a cheaper option to tiles and can sometimes look just as good. It is easy to care for and easy to use. Carpet is also an attractive option that comes in a selection of qualities. There are some hard textiles that are suitable for heavy industrial use. They are warming and attractive and can make an office look good. You may need to have them cleaned from time to time.

Forget About Laminate, It’s Halloween!

One of the most exciting holidays in western countries is coming,yes,that’s HALLOWEEN, Oct.31th which was only popular among the English countries but now in China I can also feel the enthusiasm and craziness because there will be a big nightlong party in one large plaza around my dwelling tonight and it’s said all the products will be sold on 50% off. Well, I have to say, thanks for Halloween, I get the possible chance to catch cheap goods. By the way, if you purchase laminate flooring from Sunspeed today, maybe you could find surprise! And even if there’s no purchasing, you can still enjoy relaxing.

Although people can act as any horrible figures and do some crazy things traditionally on Halloween, most of them still don’t know why they are doing so. Today you may get the general picture.

Pumpkin Light

Halloween laminate

The pumpkin cave light story dates back to ancient Ireland. A person named Jack was a drunkard and he liked playing tricks a lot. One day he cheated devil to climb onto the tree and scaring the devil by caving a cross in the stump. The devil didn’t dare to come down so Jack came up with requirements as exchanging condition, he asked devil to never let him commit a crime by magic. But after Jack dead, his soul could neither rise to the heaven or fall down the hell so he could only hang between the both with a pumpkin light illuminating his path.

Trick or Treat

trick or treat

Another custom on Halloween is Trick or Treat which can be dated back to the European Christian Church in the 9th century. At that time, Nov. 2nd was called “ALL SOULS DAY” by Christians and on this day all the disciples will trek to the remote villages begging “soul cookie” which was made of flour and raisin door by door. It’s said that people donating “soul cookie” believed prays of those disciples would help their dead relatives went to heaven early. And this door-by-door begging tradition was transformed as children’s candy-begging games. All the children will act as spirits or ghosts by costume and yell “trick or treats” while hosts open the door. And no one will reject those little cute figures, just putting candies into children’s big bags.

Traditions are traditions, but people could make changes to meet era’s needs. We have beliefs but we also need games. So I think no matter how those traditions change, happiness and health will always be the principle.

Finally, wish all you guys a happy Halloween and follow www.sunspeedflooring.com you may find more holiday stories later.

Will Laminate Flooring Installed at Home Be More Beneficial?

laminate flooring

The most refreshing feeling in just starting to build your home up is the shopping part. You get to choose different materials to make your home more beautiful and inspiring to live in. But despite the options you have in your hands, the wisest thing to do is to choose not only the ones that look best, but to consider other important aspects as well. Even the simple decision of what type of flooring to use, is something that you have to do in one stride. One of the best choices you can make regarding your floor is the laminate flooring. This is the process which involves installing a wood-looking material for your floor. Though it may not be made of real wood, this type of flooring is very stylish that it will help your home exude elegance and flair. Why You Should Say Yes to Laminate Flooring Going for laminate flooring can be very beneficial for your house not only to add an elegant ambiance, but also because of the different aspects of the material, like it’s advantages over the other kinds of flooring such as tiles and natural wood.

  • Great Performance Surface Material

One of the best things about laminate flooring is that it is made of excellent materials that are convenient to use in different aspects. This flooring is a scratch proof type that it could not be stained or dented. And the best thing is that it doesn’t fade if you will compare it to wood flooring. Laminate flooring also promotes a more soundproof floor. This will be beneficial to have a more peaceful home. And with a rate of 40 percent sound reflection, this flooring will be very effective to keep out sounds compared to the other types. Besides the common kind, there is also a waterproof laminate flooring that you could make use of. Like what its name suggests, this type resolves the issue of humidity and moisture that the common type of this flooring usually experiences. Laminated flooring can be made waterproof by applying water-resistant materials like vinyl resins.

  • Posh Style and Designs

Despite not being made of real wood, the laminate flooring is as elegant-looking as the flooring made of authentic wood. The great thing about this is that there are different types of wood-looking flooring you can choose from. Even the rarest type of wood could be copied by using this specific flooring type.

  • Easy and Stress-free Maintenance

Another great advantage in using this kind of flooring is that its maintenance is stress-free. First, it can easily be transported from where you bought them. After that, you can do the installing yourself since it is easy and simple. And finally, the laminate flooring can be easily cleaned. You only have to use a damp cloth and water to clean the entire floor. This is what makes it perfect for bathroom and kitchen floors, even in attics and cellars.

The only disadvantage of this type of flooring, especially in waterproof laminate flooring, is that it costs a lot. The basic flooring itself will cost a lot, but more importantly, having them waterproofed will increase the price especially, if you will have the experts do the task for you.

What Kind of Laminate Flooring Does Australia Prefer?

It’s really remarkable how laminate flooring as a new material affects the home flooring projects in the past 20 years. Laminate flooring grew into the new beloved not only because of its advantages of high resistance, easy maintenance and water resistance but also for the vivid imitation of wood like colors and surface designs which even make the real wood floors eclipsed. Although there are diverse laminates circulating in the flooring market currently and each type of them attracts lots of consumers, when it comes to a specific type, it seems that each country has its NO. 1 nationally favored products. So what’s it in Australia?

To find this out, we specially had an interview with Sam Xue, Sunspeed Flooring sales manager who has been in charge of Australia market for 6 years.

Bigger Size

“Australia’s requests are very special compared with Asia countries.” Said Xue “They prefer longer and wider boards decorated by spotted gum and blackbutt wood colors. As to surface, high gloss laminate flooring will be the eternal choice at least to most Australians.”

Later we checked some Australian contracts from Xue noticing that the product length mainly floats between 1800 and 2400mm, width between 195 and 295mm. This makes the product really stand out from the crowd when you sit it next to a more common size of laminate flooring such as 1218x197mm.

Unilin Fans

“Most Australian customers prefer Unilin click products considering the Unilin lock will make installation stonger.” Xue explained “But actually, no matter what the click system is, easy and tight installation will not be a problem to laminate flooring. And the patent charge of Unilin Company makes Unilin laminate flooring more expensive than common boards.”

High Gloss Surface

Just as Xue said, Australians prefer this smooth surface of high gloss. I think that’s mainly because this mirror surface resembles solid wood flooring extremely.

Local Wood Colors

Just like Thai people prefer teak wood colors, Australians devote their sole love to their local wood species. When you ask them what kind of wood colors they want their floors to be decorated with, the answers will mostly limited to blackbutt, spotted gum and Jarrah. Those dark laminate flooring seems quite popular in Australia land.

Hope the above information could be helpful to flooring companies who plan to stride into Australia market. And if you are Australia reader looking for laminate flooring suppliers, please don’t hesitate to contact Sunspeed Flooring by enquiry@sunspeedflooring.com for product details.