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Laminate Flooring Trend in China

Laminate flooring was brought into China as a new product in 1994, and at the beginning most of the products were imported from Europe mainly German enterprises. The situation didn’t change until 1997 when China possessed its own production lines of laminate flooring.

From 1997 till now, China laminate flooring industry grows mature gradually. So far, there are more than 600 laminate flooring factories in China, among which over 100 enterprises are equipped with advanced production lines and they can provide products in large amount. China laminate flooring manufacturers are scattered in many provinces like Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jilin and etc. Large-scale enterprises mainly adopt automatic equipment and techniques imported from Germany and Italy and the general cost is over 30,000,000 RMB. With about 17 years’ development, laminate flooring has been well melted into the modern life and due to its exclusive features like anti-scratch, water proof, wearing resistance, and beautiful colors, laminate flooring has become the leading flooring material for decoration.

China laminate flooring suppliers distribution

Although with many advantages, laminate flooring still needs improvement in many aspects. For instance, the foot feeling of laminate flooring is not as good as wood floor and there may be noises while walking on it. Manufacturers have tried many innovations on account of those problems.

Thicken floors to provide better foot feeling.

Normal laminate floorings are 8mm thick, now there launched 12mm and 16mm floors to improve the foot feeling. Of course, the floor is thickened in core board part, so other performances are kept unchanged. Besides the thickness, manufacturers also make adjustments on the sizes to meet consumers’ needs. Compared with the rectangle floors with 1000mm length as before, now you may see square floors and the length is extended into 2200mm.

Take matures to reduce noises.

Laminate flooring is famous for its wearing resistance while the noise made while walking on it makes laminate flooring not perfect. So many manufacturers rack their brains to solve the problem. Some suppliers use special soft materials to combine with floor, and some recommend pasting underlay. The most advanced method is to paste polymeric noise reduction composites to the back board. By this way the noise is reduced by decreasing the vibration while floor is pressed.

Apart from remedying defects, manufactures also strengthen the advantages of laminate flooring.At the launch beginning, laminate flooring is only presented with some wood colors like oak, cherry and maple. With the improvement of techniques more and more different colors are created, for example, marble colors, cloth colors and stone colors.

Unlike the update of electronic products, laminate flooring can only be improved in technique slightly. While no matter how the products change, the final principle is to satisfy consumers’ higher and higher demands.