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Laminate Flooring Options for Kitchen

Referring to kitchen flooring decoration, many people may find it hard to choose the right materials since more and more floor types get circulating in the market now. Even this, taking many conditions of kitchen rooms into consideration, laminate flooring will be a nice choice.
kitchen laminate flooring

Why We Should Choose Laminate Flooring for Kitchen Floor

  • High Durability

Laminate flooring is featured by high wearing resistance because of the aluminum dioxide impregnated in the top layer. And this means even there may be scratches or impacts in the kitchen you still need no worries about the bearing capacity of your floor.

  • Easy to Clean

Unlike solid wood floor, laminate flooring cleaning is only a piece of cake. Just use the common mop and common detergent to clean up your kitchen laminate floor, no more polishing or other special treatments. You know this will make your kitchen housework easy or easier. For new users you may get best way to clean laminate floors here.

  • Stylish Styles

Laminate floors are always presented by various natural colors of wood, carpet or stone. And this breaks the limitation of sole flooring material. You may enjoy the color and feel the warmth of wood simultaneously.

What Laminate Flooring Colors Are Hot Now for Kitchen Floor

  • Oak

More and more people choose oak effect laminate flooring for kitchen flooring project, and to pursue rural feeling, many consumers tend to use rustic oak laminate flooring.

  • Walnut

Another popular wood species in kitchen is walnut. Walnut laminate flooring will bring noble and comfort scent to your kitchen room.

  • Stone

Although many people prefer the nature of wood, there are still consumers loving the character of stone. And special stone design will make your kitchen appear substantial.

How Much Do You Need to Pay for Kitchen Laminate Flooring

If you are looking for the best laminate flooring brand then get ready to fill your purse big. Famous laminate flooring like Pergo, Armstrong will cost you 20-30 USD/sqm for normal products. Of course, you may also find laminate flooring suppliers providing the similar quality but at competitive


Oak and Black laminate flooring for a floor that’s everyone’s envy

When you decide to build your dream home, you want each and every part of it to be perfectly crafted. It also holds true for the flooring you choose for your home. Tiles and marble flooring are no more in fashion these days, rather laminate flooring has emerged as the latest trend. Laminate flooring has various specialties and is also easy to install and maintain. It is an affordable luxury which all the house owner can use in their homes. These floorings are a result of advancement in flooring technology. Laminate floors not only give value for money but also lets you choose between numerous colors and design. These floors are customizable and you can get the look of any material you wish, such as wood, carpet, stone and cloth. However, the comfort and elegance of wood are kept intact. Despite a plethora of color options, the wooden color rules the heart. The rustic look it gives the entire setting of the house is appreciated by one and all. The essential part of these floors are heavy graining, streaks of minerals and natural looking knots. The natural rough look of the wooden laminate floor can be polished to have a high subtle gloss according to the preference.

  • The rustic and tampered look of these wooden laminate floors are preferred by people of various countries.
  • You can choose between the black laminate flooring and Oak laminate flooring to decorate your house.
  • Both the types of laminate flooring look gorgeous and largely depends on personal preferences.

Unparalleled beauty of Oak laminate flooring

oak laminate flooring

Oak laminate flooring is a classic floor design produced by Oak. Oak is a widely material for making laminate floor and is being used for a long time. It comes in scores of types depending on the hue and the wood grain. Harvest Oak is one of such types used widely as a flooring material. It has high durability and can stand heavy footfall for years without being damaged. The wood grains found in these flooring are very clear and intense and looks stunning when teamed with textured laminate flooring. To save the flooring from regular spilling of water and other such liquids, it is recommended to use water resistant oak laminate flooring so that the HDF core is damage free. These laminate floorings are highly customisable and you can order for textured surface and water proof Oak laminate flooring. You can also make choices between various options of surfaces like crystal, embossed, gloss, hand scrapped, Matt, Piano, Stone cut and textured etc. Grooving on the floor can also be altered and customized.

  • Oak laminate is one of the best choices for the flooring if you are building a new home or renovating your older one.
  • They are easily customizable and offer luxury at a reasonable and affordable rate.

For those who love darker shades, Black laminate flooring is the way to go


Also called Black walnut laminate flooring, the laminate features wood grain that is more detailed and possess a sharp contrast between light and dark wood grains. As the darker color of flooring appeals to many, this flooring is quite popular. Black laminates are also liked by young people now who even use the laminate to make boards for television. Walnut wood is characterized by darker hues and tones and this is the beauty and uniqueness of it. Similar tones are rarely found in any other species of wood. It is recommended to order for water-resistant black laminate flooring as they can withstand regular spillage of water and other such substance. Places that have a moist weather due to persistent rains also require water-resistant flooring in the homes. Specially treated black laminates can be made into a waterproof, soundproof and green core boards. Various options of surfaces in the laminate flooring are also available for you. These include crystal, small, middle and large embossed, gloss, high gloss, handscraped, wood grain, matt, piano, textures and stone cut. As these laminate floorings are customizable, you can choose among any of the surface and specially treated floorings. You can also have your favorite black laminate flooring grooved.

  • The black laminate flooring will appeal to you if you prefer darker hues of elements in your home.
  • The options of surfaces and textures in laminate floorings are many and hence you can choose the best for you.

Introduction of Painted V Groove Laminate Flooring

Painted V groove laminate flooring is a kind of wood laminate flooring processed through an extra special technology called “bevel painted”. Generally speaking, the normal production of common laminate flooring includes materials collection-hot pressing-a short time acclimation-cutting-a long time acclimation-grooving-packing. To painted V groove laminate flooring, the extra beveling step will be performed together with grooving according to a fixed angle and after that the beveled section will be painted with special painting whose color is the same as decor papers. By this procedure, the HDF below doesn’t show through. The perfect mimic of hard wood floor really makes painted V groove laminate flooring a very eye catching product, and will totally deceive people into thinking your V groove laminate floor is in fact a real wood floor. But it does cost much less compared with solid wood flooring.

Here is a photo of painted V groove oak laminate flooring with small embossed surface.

V groove laminate flooring

Just keep your eyes on the flooring edges, you may notice the slight beveled sections. They are not quite obvious just by observing from the front side because the decor-color-like painting has already covered the below HDF board perfectly. An installed v groove laminate flooring picture will show you more about how the beveled part works on the vivid mimic of hard wood flooring.

installed V groove laminate flooring

Just as normal square edged laminate flooring, painted V groove laminate could be produced with any size, any standard thickness as 8mm, 12mm. Since an extra process is performed during the production, painted V groove laminate flooring certainly costs more than the common ones. Basically, for the same specifications, the V groove stuff is 0.2USD/sqm higher than the common one. Even though, it’s still worth, because you can’t find cheaper “hardwood floors” anywhere else.

If you are interested in this V groove series laminate flooring and meanwhile looking for a reliable flooring supplier, I suggest you to contact SunspeedFlooring.com. Their perfect painting technique will never let you down.



One Container of Small Embossed & Middle Embossed Laminate Flooring to UAE

Small embossed and middle embossed laminate flooring mixed in one container? Yes, that’s it. This is our first time to try the mixture of two different surfaces in one container. And this is also the first requirement we got from our clients. Tough the quantity is small we still try to make customers satisfied. Just believe Sunspeed Flooring is always ready to be your reliable laminate flooring supplier.

Now let’s check the shipment details. This order was for our new client from UAE. From initial contact to the final shipment, the whole process only took one month. Smooth communication can always make it effective. Do you agree?

laminate flooring shipment

To get the economical products, our client selected 1218x197x8.3mm products, no grooving, no special treatment, and packing without wood pallets. As to colors, he picked six from the color chart we sent and after the production we took some pictures for three of them as a record. Among them the oak laminate flooring in the middle is quite popular in the Asian countries. From the smooth surface you may get what the installing effect is of our laminate flooring.

laminate flooring color

laminate flooring color

laminate flooring color

For 8.3mm laminate floorings, we recommended double click system to our client because this click provides stable installations to 8.3mm products. Actually double click system is also hotly welcomed by many of our clients.

laminate flooring installation

Besides floors, our client also ordered many accessories to go matching with these floors including skirting, t-moulding, stairnose, reducer, quarter round and end cap, totally six types. So if you are looking for one stop flooring suppliers, just come to Sunspeed Flooring.