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Introduction of Parquet Laminate Flooring

It is really remarkable how laminate flooring as a type of economical decoration materials strides into our daily house flooring projects in the recent 10 years. From the initial dull imitation of solid floors with limited wood colors till now, laminate flooring patterns have experienced huge reformation. So far, there are 13 types of normal surface designs and over thousand of floor colors circulating in the decoration market. Patterns are already diverse but diligent laminate flooring suppliers are still committed to create the next surprise for consumers. So, there comes stylish parquet laminate flooring.

Parquet laminate flooring is a premier type of laminate flooring which also possesses general laminate advantages such as high wearing resistance, water resistance, and anti-scratches. The most different character lies between parquet and normal laminates is the appearance and presenting pattern.parquet laminate flooring-eternal light

Normal laminate floors have independent colors which don’t need to consider much about connection angles, directions with rest floor boards; while laminate parquet flooring may need four pieces of boards to constitute a simple picture design. Graphically speaking, installing parquet laminate floor is just like a puzzle, which needs you to find out the relative pieces to accomplish a completed design.

Besides, the final effect after installation between normal laminate flooring and parquet floors is different. It will appear united and completed for normal laminates, which just looks like a huge picture and each part is slightly different. That’s because the initial big board is indeed pressed by a large piece of color paper and then cut into required sizes as per customers finally. From this point, parquet laminate is totally different. The relative parts look similar just like produced from the same mould.

After reformation, Sunspeed Flooring can offer various parquet laminate now, besides normal designs like beige parquet, coffee parquet and coral parquet, there are also new arrivals like “Eternal Light” and “Baroque Spirit” and those new designs are more popular with irradiation effect. No matter how it changes, our final goal is to decorate your room with comfort and beauty.

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