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Brief Introduction of Laminate Flooring Decor Color

Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular for one reason is the premium advantages laminate floors possess such as high wearing resistance, waterproof performance and anti-scratch performance. And the other reason may be for the beautiful colors it presents.

With the printing technique improved, more and more natural mimic colors emerged. The color series stretches from wood to marble and cloth. And each series has been expanded vertically to enrich the current color collections.

From wood species, you may get classical wood colors like pine, cherry, walnut, and you can also choose from peculiar wood designs such as merbau, wenge and spotted gum. Those products with obvious authentic wood features are especially popular, for example, knotty pine laminate flooring, rustic oak laminate flooring and vineyard cherry laminate flooring.

Meanwhile, some antique wood colors have been hotly welcomed by more and more large laminate flooring wholesalers. The following pictures are the new launch products from Sunspeed Flooring. Dark and old color tone matching with knotty and scar gifts laminate flooring history and dignity.

natural ancient maple laminate flooring

natural maple laminate flooring

 Though most consumers pursue wood laminate flooring to get the feeling of real wood floor, there are also some requirements for special decors like marble and cloth. But compared with wood colors, marble and cloth pictures are easily to be imitated and produced since they don’t have so many details as wood grains to consider.

The brief introduction above is a little general, but we hope it’s useful. And if you have any questions about laminate flooring colors, just contact me directly by becky.marketing@sunspeed.com.cn