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How to Select Colors for Skirting

Referring to decoration, many people may think of flooring decoration, then considering which flooring is more suitable for them, wood flooring or laminate flooring, who can offer the best laminate flooring, are there American walnut laminate flooring or Brazilian cherry laminate flooring which bring exotic feeling… No matter what it is, it’s all about flooring and people seldom think about the accessories like skirting.

Actually, skirting is also important for decoration, and different skirting colors may bring different effect. So how to select the right colors for skirting? Follow my four suggestions below and you will find the answer.

No. 1 Consideration of the interior lighting conditions

living room interior

Skirting color is tightly connected with the interior lighting conditions. If it’s bright inside the room, any color of skirting is ok and that does not matter much. But if it’s dark inside, you’d better choose skirting with bright colors which will lighten the room to some degree; otherwise, the whole room will be enveloped with dark atmosphere.

No. 2 Consideration of the room areadressing room

In small rooms, warm colors bring depressing feeling while in large and wide rooms, cold colors make you feel void. Therefore we need to make a selection according to the practical conditions of our room. For small room, choose cold colors like white; for large room, choose warm colors like earthy yellow.

No. 3 Consideration of door frame colors

door and frame


Another criteria for choosing skirting color is to select the same colors as door frame. No matter what the color is, as long as skirting color is the same to door frame color, the whole room will appear harmonious. And if you don’t want them to use the same color, then choose the similar ones. Remember, never try the different colors because that will make your room look weird.

No. 4 Consideration of furniture colors

furniture and floor

Generally speaking, skirting is rarely focused unless it’s extremely striking. Want the skirting to be obscure? Just match its color with the furniture whose color takes a majority part of the whole room.

After so many tips above, do you have a clearer picture about how to choose skirting color?