Welcome to the Laminate Flooring Manufacturers Blog!

happy birthday laminate flooring manufacturersTo celebrate LaminateFlooringManufacturers.com‘s one year birthday we’ve decided to launch a brand new blog for 2013 to give our readers the most dedicated insider guide to China’s laminate flooring industry on the worldwide web!

Because we are laminate flooring manufacturers ourselves, we’ve got plenty of experience and insider information about how things work and are developing in China. We’ve been producing laminate flooring for over a decade now and have cooperated with manufacturers in both Changzhou and Shandong.

It is quite remarkable how scarce the amount of sound information about laminate flooring on the internet truly is!

We’ve tried to find blogs or sources devoted to the subject, but have come back with absolutely nothing. So hopefully there is something we can do to change this.

We will share our knowledge about the laminate flooring industry and aim to educate those interested in how it works. We would greatly encourage a platform for discussion on this vital topic as laminate flooring is gaining momentum around the globe.

Here are some topics we intend to cover in the blog:

  • laminate flooring production
  • industry related stories
  • exhibition visit reviews
  • innovation in the industry
  • market insights and trends
  • China’s growing domestic market

We would like to stress there is plenty of room for cooperation here at the Laminate Flooring Manufacturers Blog??and would be more than happy to investigate anything industry related our readers may find interesting.

If you’d like us to write about something in particular please feel free to post your suggestions in the comments section.

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