What Does Laminate Flooring Price Depend On?

Laminate flooring as one of the cheap decoration materials is well accepted by working class and young generation. Besides price, diverse colors, easy installation and maintenance are also advantages that attract consumers. But do you know what factors affect laminate flooring prices?

No. 1 Core Board

Just as the name saying, core board is the core part of laminate flooring. It’s a crucial factor that affects floor prices. Basically, floors produced with HDF core board are more expensive than those with particle board, and the price distance may be up to 1 USD.

core board

NO. 2 Revolutions of Abrasive Layer

As we all know, laminate flooring is featured by wearing resistance, and its abrasion levels is classified into 5 grades (AC1 to AC5)by European Standard according to the revolutions of abrasive layer. High grade is corresponding to more revolutions. The more the revolution is, the higher the price will be.

abrasive layer

NO. 3 Quality of Decor Color

The second layer of laminate flooring is what we called decor color which is mainly used to simulate real wood grains thus bring users feelings of hard wood floor. However, the color paper is sourced from both domestic and overseas. Laminate flooring with imported decor colors will be higher than that with domestic papers at price.

decor color

No. 4 Surface Craft

As an artificial product, laminate floor’s surface is produced with different designs according to consumers’ aesthetic needs. Presently, the most popular surface designs are embossed, parquet and antiquing. Those surfaces are beautiful with good looking and their prices are higher relatively because of more technical crafts they need.


No. 5 Floor Specification

Many consumers may be puzzled, since core board, abrasive layer and decor color are all the same, why there is still price distance? In that case, you may have ignored another factor, which is the board specification. Too long or too wide sizes of boards are difficult to manufacture thus the prices will be higher. What’s more, the thickness of boards can also affect flooring prices. Generally, thick board is more expensive than thin board.


NO. 6 Floor Brand

Now more and more flooring industries transfer their core point into brand culture. That’s because consumers are paying more attention to brands besides quality and price. To establish a well known brand, enterprises may sacrifice more. Famous brands will pay more cost for product quality, technique investigation and premium raw materials. That’s why brand products need more money than common ones.

Sunspeed Floors

No. 7 After-Sale Service

Presently, many consumers only focus on purchasing while ignore after sale service. Once there is product problem, they will have to pay extra fees to solve it. Good suppliers are always providing a chain of services from sales to maintenance and this will save much time and energy for consumers. However, this thoughtful service is usually made up by improving floor prices.


After so many introductions, do you have any ideas about price factors of laminate flooring? While buying products we’d better take all the factors into consideration and choose the best one that is suitable for us. If you have any further questions, please don’t forget to contact Sunspeed Flooring.

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