Which Laminate Flooring Is Better, Thick or Thin?

Laminate flooring is only 6mm thick at the beginning of launch. While in the following years 8mm products became the leading. But in recent years, laminate flooring becomes thicker and thicker which pushed 12mm board onto the top position. Meanwhile, a few 13mm and 15mm flooring products have emerged therefore enriched the diversity of laminate flooring at the thickness. But this trend also makes many consumers puzzled: Thickness is a very important factor which should be considered seriously while purchasing laminate flooring, the question is what kind of laminate flooring is better, thick or thin?

laminate flooring thickness

To this question, laminate flooring suppliers have their own answers:

Answer 1 Thick laminate flooring is more comfortable.

8mm laminate flooring is only 4mm thinner than 12mm product. While the slight difference brings large distance at price. According to flooring sales, neither 8mm nor 12mm products have heat dissipation or bending problems as long as their quality is assured. The main point is foot feeling and thick floors may offer better foot feeling.

Answer 2 Thin laminate flooring is better at density.

Unlike the above answer, some laminate flooring manufacturers may recommend thin boards for the density of thin board is higher than the thick ones. Suppliers provide explanations why thick floors are thicker. That’s because flooring machine can not press large amount of crushed wood materials into boards as strong and steady as thin boards. Thus makes the density of thick board lower than that of thin boards. And the thick board is easy to bend while impregnated with water.

Professional Answers from Experts

The thickness of laminate flooring has less affection on product performance. Consumers could do the procurement by their favors. Thick floors do offer better foot feeling and it’s true that the density of thick floor is not higher than thin floors. But that doesn’t mean the saying that some thin floor manufacturers boaster that Europe countries prefer thin floors because of its better quality is true. It’s actually a misleading because European countries have low requirement to floorings, they pay more attention to the practical application of flooring products. So Europeans’ favor can not be regarded as an advantage of thin laminate flooring. Of course, thick floor lovers should care more about quality but not only foot feelings because it do occur bending problem if the quality is not assured.

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